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interfilm Berlin is committed to the short film genre year-round, not just during the festival. For years, interfilm has been in close contact with filmmakers and institutions worldwide. Films from our distribution and competitions are shown at partner festivals, in regular film programs or special events all over the world – from Kiev to New York, from Venezuela to Australia. This is a chronological overview of these diverse activities from 2005-2011.

London / England

Candella Film Festival Manchester / Salford University Manchester

January 17th 2011

In Cooperation with Candella Film Festival Manchester and Salford University Manchester interfilm presented Highlights of the festival 2010 at Non-Multiplex Cinema London. Presented by Andrea Schwemmer.

Odense / Denmark

Odense short film festival

August 20th 2010

Heinz Hermanns invited to participate on the jury and present 2 programs: German shorts and a best-of selection from the last 8 Going Underground Short Film Festivals – short films anually screened in the Berlin subway

Shanghai / China

Goethe Institute Shanghai

15.-17. July 2010

Heinz Hermanns to present a best of interfilm 25 program, a program of new German shorts, and a Berlin short film program at the Goethe Institute Shanghai.

Taipei / Taiwan

Taipei International Film Festival

June 25th - July 11th 2010

Heinz Hermanns to present a Best Of interfilm 25 program on the 6th and 7th of July in the Shin Kong Cineplex theatre 3 at 7pm and 7.50pm

Lagow /  Polen

39. Lagow Film Summer / 39. Lubuskie Lato Filmowe

20.-27.June 2010

interfilm traditionally shows a selection of best shorts on the 25th of June in Lagow.

Gorthahork - Donegal / Irland

International Documentary Film Festival Guth Gafa

June 11th to 13th

One of this year’s International Documentary Film Festival  Guth Gafa family specials is the animated shorts series Tricks for Kids presented by Kuki and interfilm. The animated shorts without dialogues presented by Heinz Hermanns are telling adventurous stories using many different animations techniques.

Melbourne / Australia

St Kilda Short Film Festival

May 25th - 30st

interfilm presents 4 short film programs: Berlin – The Wall and Beyond, Operation Stasi – A State in Panic, Confrontations and German Films are introduced by Matthias Groll.

Shenzhen / China

1st Chinese International (King Bonn) New Media Shorts Award

Mai 14th - 17th 2010

Heinz Hermanns presents a program from the interfilm distribution at the film market. Additionally interfilm films got selected for the international competition.

Cannes / France

Festival de Cannes

Mai 14th - 19th 2010

Christian Gesell, interfilm's Head of Sales is present at the Short Film Corner representing interfilm at its great sales catalogue!

Brussels / Belgium

Brussels Shortfilm Festival

April 29th to Mai 4th, 2010

A program about Stasi and films from DEFA and others in Every Day between the Fronts got presented by Matthias Groll.

Modica, Ispica / Italy, Sicily 

Fitzcarraldo Cine Club Ragusa - open air between Modica and Ispica

March 2nd, 2010

Heinz Hermanns presents a Best of interfilm programme.

Catania / Italy, Sicily

Fuoricircuito Cineclub Affilata – al ZO centro culture contemporanee

April 28th, 2010

Heinz Hermanns presents a Best of interfilm programme and a short documentary programme at ZO cultural center and at the Catania university

Nicosia / Cyprus

3rd Nicosia Documentary Film Festival  

March 24th -28 th, 2010

Heinz Hermanns presented a programme with animated shorts for children at the Nicosia Doc Film Festival.

Nürnberg / Germany

15. Film Festival Turkey/Germany

March 4th – 14th, 2010

Heinz Hermanns is a member of the short film jury for the German-Turkish film festival together with Cem Özdemir and Tülin Özen.

Manchester/ England

Corner House Cinema

September 30th, 2009

Festival director Heinz Hermanns presented a Best of interfilm festival on the 30th of September at the

Klaipeda, Kaunas, Vilnius - Lithuania

Tinklai Film Festival

August 30th, 2009

Festival director Heinz Hermanns presented a German short film programme at the Tinklai Film Festival between the 18s and 21st of September in Klaipeda. The films where later shown also in Vilnius and Kaunas.

Changchun, China

2nd International Animation Comics & Games Forum at Jilin Animation Institute

September 14th - 17th, 2009

Christian Gesell, interfilm's Head of Sales was invited to give a lecture on the international distribution of independent films.

Venice / Italy

Circuito Off Short film Festival

September 2nd -5th, 2009

Christian Gesell and his Colleague Sophie-Luise Werner attended the Market of this wonderfully located festival presenting interfilm and looking for films.

Peking/Bejing - China

4th Aniwow - International Student Animation Festival

October 22nd to 25th 2009
The festival is the first international student animation festival in China which is approved by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and supported by Beijing Municipal People's Government.Adhering to the principles of authority, originality, academic stress and internationalization, the festival aims to construct a globally renowned platform to show the achievement of cartoon and animation in the world and promote China’s original cartoon and animation films. Heinz Hermanns will present an animation short film programme and discus with the students.


8th Countryside Documentary and Animated Film Festival

July 30st to August 3rd 2009
The Festival has rekindled cultural activities in the Cypriot countryside, offering a unique combination of education and entertainment. This event combines open-air screenings and an impressive array of printmaking, sculpture, illustration and animation masterclasses. Heinz Hermanns will present a best of animated short films from the last 2 years of interfilm


Tabor Film Festival

1st to 6th July 2009
Matthias Groll again joins the festival. He presents two programs for children - one for the age of plus five years, one for the age of plus eight years. Additionally he presents a program of east.German film culture curated by Conny Klaus.


Lagow Film Summer

June 21st to 27th 2009

interfilm shows traditionally a selection of the best shorts of the last two years at 18:30 on the 22nd of June in POD BASZTA presented by Anya Beyerdorf.


Bogotá - Short film festival El Espejo

June 24th to 30st 2009
Heinz Hermanns being a member in the jury and shows one mixed animated, experimental and short fiction programme with German shorts, the programme „Short in Berlin“, with films from Berlin before and after the fall of the wall and one international Best of interfilm programme.


St Kilda Film Festival – Melbourne

Mai 26th - 3th 2009
Stephanie Hofmaier personally prensents three interfilm programs: Best of German Shorts, Confrontations - Against Violence and Intolerance and a Mexican Special.


Catania, Sicily

Mai 25th to 27th 2009
Heinz Hermanns and Conny Klauß present 2 programmes from East and West Germany at the University of Catania on the 25th of May. At the cultural center ZO there will be also shown a Best of interfilm 24 on Wednesday the 27.5. presented by our festival director.


Vienna shorts

Mai 14th to 20th 2009

Heinz Hermanns presents the programme Short in Berlin –shorts about Berlin before and after the fall of the wall.


Antananarivo - 4emes Rencontres Nationales du Film Court

21th-25th April 2009
interfilm presented by festival director Heinz Hermanns presented three programmes during the 4th short film festival in Madagascar. One international animation programme for children without dialogues, one mixed animated, experimental and short fiction programme with German shorts and the programme „Short in Berlin“, with films from Berlin before and after the fall of the wall.


Kiev - Goethe Institut

April 27th 2009

Kiev - Cinema Zowten

April 28th 2009

Heinz Hermanns presented the programme Short in Berlin –shorts about Berlin before and after the fall of the wall and one international Best of programme. The programmes were both time totally sold out and will be repeated in Kiev and Odessa in May.

Minsk, Belarus

Cinema House

April 9th, 2009
interfilm presented a international selection of short films


13. Regard Sur Le Court - Metrage Ou Saguenay in Chicoutimi

March 2009

interfilm Berlin was invited for a carte blanche and took the chance to present a German Short Film Selection Programme. The Programme consisting of recent award winning german shorts was introduced by interfilm festival producer Alexander Stein and well received by a captivated audience of 250 cinephiles.


FICCO - Festival Internacional de Cine Contemporaneo de la ciudad de Mexico

February 17th March 1st 2009
Heinz Hermanns presents the most interesting short films of the past years in five very different one hour programs: tricks for kids, animated, experimentals, no comment documentaries and short fiction stories.


Cachaça Cinema Clube in the Odeon Cinema - Rio de Janeiro

December 3rd 2008

Kurz in Berlin - Berlin shorts from before and after the Berlin wall presented by Heinz Hermanns

South Korea

3rd Int. College Peace Film Festival - ICPFF 2008 - Kangwon-Do

November 27th -30st 2008

interfilm Short film selection.


Dance and Media Art Center - Fortaleza

November 2008

Best of interfilm 23 and 24 presented by Heinz Hermanns


Pobeda Cinema - Novosibirsk

November 26th 2008
Walera Kanischtscheff presented a Best of interfilm in the beautiful old cinema of the city

Moscow / Russia

2nd Debut short film festival

Walera Kanischtscheff presented a Best of interfilm selection


1st Janela Internacional de Cinema do Recife

November 13th -20th 2008
Heinz Hermanns presented short films from this and last year´s festival at the first short film festival in the city of Recife in Brazil.


1st Festival de Cine Nacional Margarita – Isla Margarita

October 9th -15th 2008

Heinz Hermanns presented a Best of interfilm Programme at the first Festival de Cine Nacional on the Caribbean island Margarita. He was also invited to be a jury member for the best Venezuelan short that won 10.000 dollars. On a panel with young filmmakers Heinz Hermanns talked about the international short film situation and the work of interfilm.


Tabor Film Festival

July 11th -19th 2008

The festival presented the Berlin short film programme: Kurz in Berlin


Toffi – Torun International Film festival


Heinz Hermanns was member of the jury for international student short films


World Wide Short Film Festival Toronto

10th - 15th June 2008
Alexander Stein was member in the international Jury and took part in a a panel about festival politcs..


Message to Man – international documentary, short and animated films festival – St Petersburg

June 15th - 22th 2008

Heinz Hermanns and Walera Kanischtschev presented 3 programmes: “Clip it” (music and animation), “Best of interfilm” and “No comment” (documentaries without dialogues)


Kratkofil – 2nd international short film festival Banja Luca

June 11th -15th 2008
Heinz Hermanns was in the Jury and gave a seminar about film festivals. Three programmes were presented: Shorts for Kids, Short in Berlin, German Shorts


Centro – University for Design and Media

Mexico City

4 hour seminar about short film language with examples of experimental, documentary, animation, fiction and fusion short films with Heinz Hermanns. Around 150 film students attented the event.


Morelia Film Festival – 5 hour Masterclass – Morelia   

Seminar about short film language with examples of experimental, documentary, animation, fiction and fusion short films with Heinz Hermanns. About 50 students and film professionals attented the event.


Taipei International Film Festival – Taipei

June 20st – July 7th 2008

Heinz Hermanns was in the Jury for international Student short films and presented a Best of interfilm programme (2 screenings - 1000 spectators)


Taipeh National University / Department for Audiovisual Design and Animation

4th May 2008
Alexander Stein presents a lecture and a short film screening within a 3 day Congress concerning the Development of Grafic, Design and Animation in Audiovisual Media.Participants from Japan, Taiwan, USA und Germany. Theme of the lecture and short film screening was "European Animation Short Film as a converging Media and strategies of European Short Film Festivals and Distributions to promote Animation Short Film". This lecture was attended by an audience of 200 students and university teachers.


St Kilda Film Festival – Melbourne

May 6th - 11th 2008     

Korean Short Films und Films against Intolerance curated by Heinz Hermanns and Malcolm Blaylock presented by Christian Gesell.


Ass. Fitzcaraldo in Ragusa, Sicily

May 8th 2008
Short film programme – Best of interfilm 2007


ZO - cultural center Catania - Sicily

May 14th 2008
Screening of Best of interfilm 2007 programme presented by Heinz Hermanns


University of Catania - Department for Philosophy/Media Class – Sicily

May 12th 2008
Seminar with new shorts from interfilm with Heinz Hermanns


GIFT – Yilan Green International Film Festival - Yilan, Taiwan

April 19th -26th 2008
Short film programme with environmental short films curated by Heinz Hermanns



March 2008

Walera Kanischtschev presenting a Best of interfilm program


Vladivostok International Filmfestival

15.-22. September .2007,42
Heinz Hermanns & Walera Kanischtscheff präsentieren 2 Programme: Dokumentarfilme ohne Dialoge und ein Best of der letzte 2 Jahre.


The 1st Aniwow! Festival

September 2007
Heinz Hermanns zeigt ein Programm int. Kurzanimationen beim internationalen Studentenfilmfestival in Peking /Bejing Aniwow


Kurzfilmnacht-Tour 07

30.3. bis 18. Mai 2007
Die Kurzfilmnacht-Tour 07 brachte das interfilm Kurzfilmprogrammen 'Kurz in Berlin' und Christian Gesell durch acht Städte der deutschsprachigen Schweiz.
Organisiert von swissfilms (


Mar de plata film festival

8. – 18. März 2007
Festivalleiter Heinz Hermanns ist Jurymitglied und präsentiert Highlights des vergangenen Festivals in Berlin.


Cachaça Cinema Club in Rio de Janeiro

6./ 8. und 10. Dez. 2006

Der Cachaça Cinema Club lud interfilm Berlin zum Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival ein, eine Auswahl internationaler Kurzfilme zu präsentieren. Heinz Hermanns bringt Festival-Highlights nach Korea. Er wird in guter Cachaça Cinema Club-Tradition reichlich Cachaça trinken. Der Club veranstaltet – ähnlich wie interfilm mit Shorts Attack in Berlin – monatliche Kurzfilmveranstaltungen. Im Sommer war der Club bei Shorts Attack in Berlin zu Gast.


Micromoviefilmfestival in Seoul

Dez. 2006

Beim Micromoviefilmfestival in Seoul an der Womens University zeigen wir eine Auswahl von Minimovies – Kurzfilme, die kurz sind – zwischen 30 und 180 Sekunden -, und größtenteils beim Going Underground-Filmfest in der Berliner U-Bahn liefen.

Tschech Republik

2nd Prague Shorts Film Festival

15.-18. Nov. 2006

Gleich nach dem interfilm Festival 2006 eilte Heinz Hermanns nach Prag, um ein Auswahl aus dem Internationalen Wettbewerb zu präsentieren. Er war zudem Jurymitglied. Die Qualität der präsentierten Filme fand große Beachtung – das Programm sei eines der Besten des Festivals gewesen.


18. Girona Film Festival

11. - 14. Okt.2006
Berlin meets Girona!
Heinz Hermanns brachte ein Programm Berlin-Filme auf das Festival.


Juan Media Festival in Incheon

22.-28.Sept. 2006
interfilm-Festivalleiter Heinz Hermanns präsentierte persönlich zwei Programme: Animationen und Fiction Filme - die einzigen asienübergreifenden Programme des Festivals.


Klub Kultury Filmowej beim Film Festival Lagow

2. – 9 Juli 2006
Bereits zum 9. Mal fand in diesem Jahr das Brooklyn Film Festival im Brooklyn Museum statt. interfilm Festivalleiter Heinz Hermanns präsentierte am Abschlusstag im Programm "Love, Accidents and other Disasters" Highlights des letzen Festivals.


Brooklyn International Short Film Festival

2. – 11. Juni 2006
Bereits zum 9. Mal fand in diesem Jahr das Brooklyn Film Festival im Brooklyn Museum statt. interfilm Festivalleiter Heinz Hermanns präsentierte am Abschlusstag im Programm "Love, Accidents and other Disasters" Highlights des letzen Festivals.

Caracas / Venezuela

Internationales Dokumentarfilmfestival

29. Mai – 4. Juni 2006
Auch auf dem Internationalen Dokumentarfilmfestival in Caracas war interfilm Berlin in diesem Jahr vertreten: präsentiert wurden Dokumentarkurzfilme des letzten Festivals aus acht europäischen Ländern. Festivalleiter Heinz Hermanns führte in das Programm ein. Außerdem referierte Heinz Hermanns zwischen dem 14. Mai und dem 22. Mai über das Genre Kurzfilm an Schulen und Universitäten in Caracas, Maracaibo und Merida.

Melbourne / Australia

St. Kilda Film Festival

30. May – 04. June 2006
Auch im Jahr 2006 setzte interfilm die enge Zusammenarbeit mit dem St. Kilda Filmfestival fort. Auf dem ältesten und größten Kurzfilmfest Australiens wurde das Programm "Konfrontationen - Gegen Gewalt und Intoleranz" des letzten Festivals gezeigt. Geschäftsführer Alexander Stein war persönlich anwesend. In Zusammenarbeit mit der European Film Academy zeigte interfilm außerdem ein Programm der Nominierten für den Prix UIP (Europäischer Film Award). Erstmals in der Geschichte des Wettbewerbs waren die nominierten Filme damit auch außerhalb Europas zu sehen.

Mumbai (Bombay) / India

The Short Circuit

7. Mai 2006

´In 80 Minuten um die Welt´ - interfilm präsentiert Verleih-Highlights beim ´Short Circuit´, einem Ableger des Mocha-Filmclubs von Kunal Jhaveri. Matthias Groll wird persönlich anwesend sein.



5. bis 11. Dezember 2005   

interfilm ist geladen, beim Tiff - TIRANA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL in Albanien ein internationales Kurzfilmprogramm zu präsentieren. Matthias Groll (interfilm Verleih) präsentiert das Programm und ist Jury Mitglied im internationalen Wettbewerb (5. bis 11. Dezember 2005).

Gdynia / Polen

XXX Festiwal Polskich Filmów Fabularnych

12. – 17. September 2005

interfilm war zu Gast in Polen und präsentierte in Zusammenarbeit mit der Polish Filmmakers Association (stowarzyszenie filmowców polskich) eine Kurzfilm-Auswahl für Kinder.


Scanners: The 2005 New York Video Festival

July 27 - 31 200    

interfilm präsentiert im WALTER READE THEATER:
ANIMATE: Eine exzellente Mischung aus klassischen Animationen und Experimentalfilmen - eine Auswahl aus dem 20th interfilm Kurzfilmfestival, gemeinsam kuratiert mit film society of the Lincoln Center
Screening am Do., 28.07 um 16:00 Uhr und Fr., 29.07. um 18:00 Uhr.

Filme: Rock the World (U.S., 2004), We Have Decided Not To Die (Australia, 2003), The Raftman's Razor (U.S., 2004), Mr.Cloth / Sr. Trapo (Spain, 2002), Lights (Japan, 2003), Obras (France, 2004), Contamination (England 2003), Petit savon parfumé (France, 2002) Generation (New Zealand, 2004), Little Things (England, 2004) ration (New Zealand, 2004), Little Things (England, 2004)

Lärz / Deutschland


30. Juni - 03. Juli ´05

Vom 30. Juni - 03. Juli ´05 war interfilm zu Gast auf der legendären ´Fusion´ an der Mecklenburgischen Seenplatte. Galina Amashukeli präsentierte die vier Kurzfilmprogramme ´Liebe und Desaster´, ´Tricks für Kids´, ´Konfronationen - gegen Gewalt und Intoleranz´ und ´Experimente & Animationen´.

Melbourne /Australien

St. Kilda Film Festival

24. – 29. Mai 2005     

Zum vierten Mal präsentierte interfilm das Programm "Konfrontationen" auf dem größten und ältesten Kurzfilmfestival Australiens. Die Kurzfilme gegen Gewalt und Intoleranz haben sich zu einem festen Bestandteil des interfilm-Partnerfestivals entwickelt.

Außerdem wurde nach der erfolgreichen Premiere des MicroMovie AWARDS für Handy-Made Kurzfilme während des interfilm Festivals 2005, von Siemens der Wettbewerb ein zweites Mal ausgeschrieben. Diesmal produzierten Filmemacher aus Australien und Südostasien 90-sekündige Kurzfilme mit dem Mobiltelefon SX1. Die Ergebnisse sind weiterhon online unter zu sehen.

Mostar / Bosnien-Herzegovina


25. - 29. Mai 2005

Erstmals war interfilm zu Gast in Mostar, um die Kurzfilm-Auswahl "German Deluxe" zu präsentieren.

Buenos Aires / Argentinien

argenKINO – Festival de Cortometrajes Alemanes en Buenos Aires

19. - 22. Mai 2005
interfilm zeigte auf dem binationalen Festival argenKINO die Programme "Best of interfilm" und "Best of Daydreams". Das argentinische Festival bietet eine Plattform für den deutschen Kurzfilm in Buenos Aires und trägt zur Vertiefung der interkulturellen Beziehungen zwischen Deutschland und Argentinien bei.