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Flip-Video Campaign

Grab a Flip and shoot a film!

An attractive, audience-interactive campaign was held at last year's 25th International Short Film Festival Berlin to mark the German launch of the US Flip Camera - with the agency talkabout.

Flip video cameras were made available during the festival week. Both film professionals and ambitious amateurs were encouraged to apply for one, on the condition that it would be used to make a film…

Flip around the festival

Happening 1:

25 Flip cameras were given away at interfilm Festival’s Opening Night Gala held in “Haus der Kulturen der Welt” on 3 November! Each Flip winner was required to use the camera to make a film during the festival week. A selection of the films were posted on Flip’s official German website. Members of the audience were encouraged to apply for one of the cameras at the Flip stand in the foyer, hoping to take a Flip home with them that night.

It was even possible to borrow a Flip for the evening!

Happening 2:

A further opportunity was made available to members of the public to borrow a Flip camera for the purpose of making a film on Friday 6 November, between 5pm to 9pm.

Applicants were invited to visit interfilm’s Festival Centre at Haus 13 in Pfefferberg.

The Flip - a hip festival theme

The cameras have been literally torn apart. During the festival days the filming and camera testing visitors attracted attention. Their results were integrated into Flip Video at

See Festival 2009


The Flip was a great camera with an online interface.

But it couldn't get it´s way,
mainly because mobile phones with improved cameras were developed at the same time.

Nevertheless, it was a great project back then.