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Viral Video Award

The PR-Agency Zucker.Kommunikation and interfilm Berlin initiated the "Viral" festival category in 2008. Ever since, both have been busy organising the Viral Video Award and crowning the best 'viral' internet films around.

After 7 great project years we stopped the online-competition 2014, because the exciting time around viral films on the internet was over.

We annually called upon Filmmakers, bloggers, agencies and creative people involved in viral filmmaking and its propagation to recommend outstanding films for the Viral Video Award. Matthias Bonjer, Manager at Zucker.Kommunikation: "Word of mouth propaganda, viral marketing and open discourse with users are the essential elements of innovative communication in the Internet. We created this new festival category to honour the importance of viral films at one of Europe's most important short film festivals."

Desperately seeking films with a message. All entries should aim to communicate either a promotional, ideological, political or original message. Not more than two years old, the virals must be successful at spreading the net, or at least on the way to doing just that.

Websiste Viral Video Award - many films are still online:

Nominations of Viral Video Award 2014 - here online.

Nominations of Viral Video Award 2013 - here online.

Nominations of Viral Video Award 2012 - here online.

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Nominations of Viral Video Award 2008 - here online.

Jury 2008: Harald Martenstein (Publizist), Johnny Haeusler (Spreeblick) & Mathias Blüm (Clipfish)
Jury 2009: Harald Martenstein (Publizist), Florian Lucas (Schauspieler) & Alain Bieber (
Jury 2010: Mario Sixtus (Journalist / Blogger), Petra Gute (Moderatorin rbb), Daniel Zillmann (Schauspieler / Actor)
Jury 2011: Marion Brasch (Journalistin/Moderatorin rbb), René Walter (Blogger, Nerdcore), Alexander Lehmann (Filmemacher und Autor)
Jury 2012: Tita von Hardenberg (Kobalt), Ronny Kraak (Das Kraftfuttermischwerk), Ivo Smolak – Ivolotion
Jury 2013: Julia Richter (Actress), Christian Brandes (Blogger Schlecky Silberstein). Sven Taddicken (Director)


Winning films (Audience Award)

Xtreme Catapulting. MINI John Cooper Works.

Gewinnerfilm 2008

Du bist Terrorist (You are a Terrorist) english subtitles

Gewinnerfilm 2008

Nestlé, kein Palmöl aus Urwaldzerstörung!

Gewinnerfilm 2010

VW: The Dark Side

Gewinnerfilm 2011

A crash course to shine

Gewinnerfilm 2012

Follow the Frog

Gewinnerfilm 2013

Little Chicks Take Their First Flight

Gewinnerfilm 2014



Vytautas Mineral Water! It's Earth's Juice!


Impressions Award CeremonyPreisverleihung

At Roter Salon @ Volksbühne Berlin