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interfilm & KUKI Around the World

Even when it's not November in Berlin, rainy and cold, and some screens in the city are filled with shorts - interfilm is still showing films, all around the world.

Best of Programs

With the 2016 festival winners and highlights, the Best of interfilm 32 program, interfilm tours around. The highlights from our children and youth festival are celebrated in Best of KUKI 9. 

More information on the Best of 2016 selections here.

Around the World

In addition to our general festival highlights, interfilm shows many different thematic programs around the world. Especially selections from Confrontations - human rights themed competition or the Green Film environmental films competition are very popular. 
We love to see our programs travel abroad and even more to accompany the screenings when we can. Throughout the year interfilm presents short films in various programs, events and locations. These carefully curated programs can be selected around all kinds of themes, more info here.

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