Berliner Freiheit (Berlin Freedom)
Open Air Cinema at Königstadt

Bewegliche Ziele e.V. and interfilm Berlin present:
Berliner Freiheit - open-air cinema in the courtyards of the Königstadt.
Short film programs and film talks.

Address: Saarbrückerstr. 24, 10405 Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg / U-Senefelderplatz)

'Girls* Riot'

Postponed to Sunday the 29th of September 2021 - 8 pm
Ten girls aged 15-18 spent a week reflecting on their idea of femininity and taking a critical look at the role of women, not only in the film world. Their eclectic and colourful short film program calls out injustices, celebrates body positivity and is infinitely empowering.

Presented by the young curators: Annie, Jette, Kira, Maya, Lisa, Jule, Emilia, Magdalena, Anna und Friederike

Registration: Free tickets are available at Mobilekino Berlin

The program:


Isis Caroline Pereira de Souza
Brasil 2020
18:10 min

Among music, uncertainties and their own bodies, three friends get ready for a party in a confidential setting.


Juan Carlos Mostaza
Spain 2020
11:00 min

The beautifully animated film tells the story of an eating disorder and the long journey back to a healthy body image.


Erika Sanchez Marcos
Spain 2020
20:00 min

Joana deals with gender and sexuality in an extroverted and provocative way. Her more introverted friend Nina, has her own problems to struggle with.


Libby Burke Wilde
Kosovo 2019
04:35 min

On the school bus, a boy alterts Chloe to a bloodstain on her trousers. Menstruation is a particularly difficult problem for her.

High School Poet

Basile Khatir
France 2019
12:33 min

Alice is looking forward to the prom.

Girl and Body

Charlotte Mars
Australia 2019
18:30 min

In hospital a young dancer has to learn to cope with the lack of control over her body.

Diana - The Only Female Professional Boxer in Uganda

Adam Anthony
Australien, Uganda 2020
04:53 min

Diana is the only female boxer in Uganda. Shortly before the Olympic Games she was disqualified because of her gender - yet she refuses to give up.


Sponsored by Draussenstadt und supported by Genossenschaft der alten Königstadt, Kino&Bar in der Königstadt and Mobile Kino, we transform an area of the courtyard into an OpenAir cinema on three Sundays.

Organizers are Bewegliche Ziele e.V. in cooperation with interfilm Berlin.