interfilm presents: CoronaKino

Boredom is slowly creeping in: We've been stranded at home for days, can’t invite anyone over and have to keep our roomies at a distance. Playing checkers got old real fast and Netflix is losing its appeal. Our dusty eyeballs desperately search the room, longing for change. Enter: interfilm's CoronaKino!

We put together 4 programs for adults, kids & teens bursting with highlights from our distribution catalogue, because being cooped up inside while the movie theatres are closed just makes us crave cinema even more. By the way, renting or buying one of these curatorial gems also supports us financially during a time that we, like so many other colleagues from the creative industry, find extremely insecure. Who knows when the cinemas will be able to reopen and show our films again, not to mention what the situation will be like in November for our festival. Help us keep the festival organisation going and we hope in return that our programs will sweeten your quarantine and weekends, keeping your brains juicy and your hearts full while you deal with this period of imposed cultural cold turkey.


Neighbourhood Madness

85 minutes // original version with German subtitles

Neighborhoods are like biotopes teeming with the most diverse species and types. Door to door, people live together in the most confined spaces, busy making friends or digging up the proverbial (or literal) hatchet. You fall head-over-heels in love with the cutie next door, feel lonely in a relationship and perhaps even ask yourself whether the neighbour has more or less skeletons in their closet than you do. With 9 varied short films, the Neighbourhood Madness program pays homage to the lunacy of the supposedly everyday and explores its entire breadth.

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Home Sweet Home

81 minutes // original version with German subtitles

You miss your own four walls the most whenever you're far from home. But they are also entirely capable of driving you mad when you can't escape them. So before you start climbing the walls in the course of the current physical-distancing measures, pull the interfilm rip cord and get cosy in your Home Sweet Home! A programme full of humour, bizarre characters, snugness and even a bit of tragedy. A declaration of love for the home and all the things that make it such.

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TeenScreen Meets CoronaKino

76 minutes // recommended ages 12+ // original version with German subtitles

When school is just an empty void but going out and meeting up with friends is not an option either... Covid-19 has hijacked our everyday lives and in order to help one another we have to keep our distance. But HOW on Earth can we survive the mindless boredom of quarantine? That's right: By watching cool, quirky and original short films! Our TeenScreen program for teenaged film fans and all those who aspire to become one, is now available! Freaky animation meets phat beats, a cowboy in his hood and a one-minute fly with a looooong check-list. Such is the unpredictable realm of short film - and when you can't get out, just invite the world into your room.

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KUKI at Home

41 minutes // recommended for ages 6+ // no dialogues

KUKI is the short film festival for children and teenagers in Berlin and attracts around 10,000 young film fans to the cinema every year. So what to do if you are young and love films but all the cinemas are closed? As well as all the swimming pools, shops, schools, kindergartens and even playgrounds? Well KUKI has a brilliant idea - we'll just bring the films into your living room! This program presents a fun and fascinating collection of short stories and diverse filmmaking styles. Featuring runaway breakfast eggs, a gorgeous bird in a night-time jungle, a super silly game of fetch and much, much more. Films to talk, giggle and think about on cosy, crazy days when you're cooped up with the whole family.

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