interfilm Distribution

Distribution conditions

Distribution conditions for short film programs:

Regardless of the format, short film packages cost 45% of the returns, with at least 150 Euro guaranteed.
The organiser is welcome to put together a program of their choice (maximum 12 films).

Distribution conditions for one short film

1 day 40 Euro

2 - 4 days 75 Euro

5 - 7 days 100 Euro

8 - 14 days   175 Euro

Short film before feature subscription

1 year subscription - please contact us for the conditions

Short film before feature:

Ticket value     single screening            one week
10 x                300 Euro                        600 Euro
25 x                750 Euro                        1400 Euro
52 x                1500 Euro                      2500 Euro

Prices / Transport

All prices are in Euro, plus 19% VAT and courier transport costs (preferably courier). VAT does not apply to screenings outside of Germany.
Should an interfilm employee be requested to accompany and introduce a program, the event organiser is required to cover any travel and lodging costs.

Special conditions are available when booking short films for: special events (indoor and outdoor), mobile phone content, TV, educational institutions, internet and DVD.