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Apple on a Tree

Astrid Rieger, ?eljko Vidovic // Germany // 2006 // 04:51 min

Music Video Clip // Music Movie

A former apple regrets having been changed into a human and misses his life on the tree.


#Fear   #Alienation   #Country Life   #Nature  

Festivals & Awards:

Animago - Deutschland, 2006 - 1st prize in the category Education/Compositing/Musikvideo
International Bochum Video Festival - Deutschland, 2006 - Audience Award & Jury Prize
Malescorto - Italien, 2006 - Audience Award
Back_up, Weimar - Deutschland, 2006 - 3rd Prize and Audience Award
interfilm International Short Film Festival Berlin - Deutschland, 2006 - Publikumspreis ?für den abwegigsten Film? bei Eject IX

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