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Jens Choong // Sweden // 2013 // 13:00 min

Live Action // Coming of Age, Drama

It is the last day before Victor has to move to another city with his parents. So he and his best friend Robert do all the things they liked to do together so much: skateboarding, spraying, hanging out. But something is different this time.


#Friendship   #Homosexuality   #Youth   #Men   #Puberty   #Separation   #coming out  

Festivals & Awards:

Göteborg International Film Festival – Schweden, 2013
Uppsala International Short Film Festival – Schweden, 2013
Tromsø International Short Film Festival – Norwegen, 2014
Oberhausen International Short Film Festival – Deutschland, 2014
Mo & Friese Children's Short Film Festival Hamburg – Deutschland, 2014
Outfest - Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival – USA, 2014