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Summer Sunday

Fred Breinersdorfer, Sigi Kamml // Germany // 2008 // 09:45 min

Live Action // Drama

A bridge operator on the port of Hamburg has to decide within seconds whether to save a train with a couple of hundred passengers on it or the life of his deaf son, who does not hear the train coming his way.


#Fear   #Work   #Outsiders   #Handicap   #Vehicles   #Moral   #Death   #FSK ab 12 - freigegeben ab 12 Jahren  

Festivals & Awards:

Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung – Deutschland, 2008 - Murnau-Kurzfilmpreis 2008
Emden International Film Festival – Deutschland, 2008 - East Frisian Short Film Award 2008
Institut für Kino und Filmkultur – Deutschland, 2008 - IKF-Kurzfilmpreis 2008

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