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Stille Stadt, lautes Land

9 Filme // 1 Std 19 min

Between the swooshing of the sea and the whooshing of the highways are entire worlds, and they call out to be explored! With Stille Stadt, Lautes Land (‘Quiet City, Loud Country’), interfilm presents a programme of contradictions – and of their coming together. Hunters call out to imaginary stags, a street child fleeing towards nature is unable to escape the city. And where is 'home' if your city apartment is merely a source of extra income? In this programme, the city and the country both stand in contrast and evolve together, roaring at one another and singing in harmony, somewhere between the smog and the country air.

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Work and Ecstasy

10 Filme // 1 Std 23 min

Work as the ultimate adventure: From the perspective of a wildlife filmmaker on location in the back of beyond, a job-seeker in a retraining fantasy or an employee trapped in office imprisonment, work is likely to produce strange effects and consequences. Pointed, irreverent and profound, this program even examines utopias ? both with and without the aid of a lie detector.

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Social Games

8 Filme // 1 Std 27 min

Welcome to reality! Whether it's a telephone hotline, airport check-in, living situation, folk festival or traffic jam, social interactions can often lead to absurd adventures. This program explores the spectrum of possibilities from hilarious to horrifying: social games are thrilling and relevant to us all.

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TeenScreen - Ideals & Illusions

7 Filme // 1 Std 18 min

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There Goes The Neighborhood

13 Filme // 1 Std 28 min

Neighborhoods are like biotopes where all sorts of species hang around. When you live door to door you either become closer or grow to hate each others guts. You fall in love head over heals with the boy or girl next door, are lonesome together and get curious how many skeletons your neighbor actually has in the closet. Each of the 13 shorts in There Goes The Neighborhood pays tribute to the crazyness of everyday life and looks closely at the details you wish your next door neighbor would never notice.

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Bike Shorts On Tour - 200 years of cycling

10 Filme // 1 Std 16 min

200 years after its invention, the bicycle has become a symbol of freedom, independence and liveable cities. A topic that increasingly more filmmakers adopt in documentaries, animation, short fiction and music videos. In tribute to this monumental bike jubilee, interfilm Berlin celebrates with a short film program bursting with energy, the joy of movement and a will for change.

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KUKI - Shorts for Kids (4+) FSK 0

7 Filme // 41 min

The KUKI Shorts for Kids program for children aged 4 and over, is gorgeously colourful and bursting with fascinating characters and creatures. A hen closely monitors its best friend's transformation into a butterfly; a paper hat reveals magical qualities and two hedgehogs cleverly stand their ground. Furthermore, we learn how soil is created from leftover food and what happens when a snowflake is sent in the mail. The films tell of friendship, crafty ideas and dealing with challenges great and small. An unforgettable collection of beautifully made and thought-provoking animated short films that is sure to amuse and amaze even seasoned cinema-goers.

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KUKI - Shorts for Kids ( 7+) FSK 0

11 Filme // 1 Std 03 min

The KUKI Shorts for Kids program aimed at children aged 7 and over, shows that a little cinematic imagination goes a long way. See coffee machines, eggs and street signs come to life; an octopus grow on a little girl?s head and find out what happens when a fire-breathing dragon has a sneeze-attack. Beyond that, experience the remarkable everyday routine of a young boy in India and even travel back in time to 1928 with Laurel and Hardy to watch one of the most famous scenes in movie history. And while the love of cinema binds a group of boys together in one film, the friendship between a caterpillar and a tadpole is put to a dramatic test in another. Overall, an entertaining and diverse collection that demonstrates the astonishing stylistic and narrative range of short film ? from challenges such as severe illness to films that are insightful, wonderfully silly and even eye-opening. Or films that inspire audiences to become creative themselves, such as the children who made the hilariously inventive KANGAROO-TAXI film in an animation workshop.

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Bike Shorts

12 Filme // 1 Std 03 min

Bicycles are not only the brightly coloured blooms in dull, stinky city traffic, they increasingly star in films as the trusty and indispensable companion. BIKE SHORTS is an edgy and entertaining collection of diverse films that present the many facets of the bicycle ? as an object of desire, means of transport or expression of one?s identity?

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Football Fever

8 Filme // 1 Std 06 min

A great selection of international shorts about the best sport ever: football!

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Wall Flowers - Five shorts about life with the Wall

10 Filme // 1 Std 46 min

The Berlin Wall marked the deadly borderline that cut through the city for 28 years, symbolising both the division of Germany as well as the state that entrenched itself behind it. MAUERBLÜTEN presents five award-winning short films that explore life in East Germany, with its restrictions and state surveillance, in distinctly different ways. Many of the films deal with the power and powerlessness of both the Stasi and individual people. The documental piece RADFAHRER demonstrates the constant shadowing that photographer Harald Hauswald was subjected to; in DIE KLÄRUNG EINES SACHVERHALTS the filmmakers tell of the Stasi?s tyrannical methods of repression and in the entertainingly defiant fantasy, DETEKTIVE the entire surveillance system is unceremoniously reduced to absurdity.

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