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Shorts before features: Subscription

Want to show a short film before a feature? Our catalogue holds a variety of unforgettable shorts that are particularly suited to that programming slot, due to their versatility in content and length. The interfilm short film subscription allows you to incorporate short films into your regular cinema programming, enabling you to keep your audience entertained with a changing selection of diverse and surprising films.

The short film subscription model entitles you to one new short film per week, amounting to a maximum of 52 films a year. Naturally, we are more than happy to tailor your subscription to suit your needs.

You can watch all films available as DCP on SHORTSCREEN.

Since 1 January 2009, cinemas showing short films before features are eligible to apply for funding from the FFA. The maximum sum granted is 2.000 Euro per calendar year. Apart from covering licence fees it is also possible to use the grant to subsidize shipping and advertising costs.