International Competition

Berlin-Brandenburg Short Award -  Best Film

€6000 from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg

Missen / Missing
Jochem de Vries
Netherlands, 2009
12:35 min

Best Animation

Video/data-to-film transfer 35 mm, valued at €2000 from TrickWILK GmbH Berlin

Videogioco - Loop Experiment
Donato Sansone
Italy, 2009
1:40 min

Best Fiction

Postproduction, valued at €12000 from das werk Novalisstrasse

Patrik Eklund
Sweden, 2008
17:00 min

Special Mention

Camillelvis Théry
France, 2008
8:45 min

Confrontation - against Violence and Intolerance

1st Prize

€2000 from the Federal Agency for Civic Education

Ali & the Ball
Alex Holmes
Australia, 2008
14:59 min

2nd Prize

€1000 from the Agency for Civic Education

Dorte W. Hogh
Denmark, 2008
23:00 min

1st Special Mention

Paradis perdu
Oded Binnun, Mihal Brezis
France / Israel, 2008
9:50 min

2nd Special Mention

De Si Près
Rémi Durin
Belgium, 2009
12:00 min

Documentary Competition

ZDFdokukanal Award -  Best Short Documentary

Paid TV broadcast (max. 15 minutes, €2000)

Bye Bye C'est Fini
Tora Mårtens
Sweden, 2008
14:00 min

interfilm Documentary Prize

€1000 from Bewegliche Ziele e.V.

Grijsgedraaid / Grey Matter
Ina Van Beek
Netherland, 2006
24:30 min

1st Special Mention

Hanasaari A
Pekka Veikkolainen, Hannes Vartiainen
Finland, 2009
16:00 min

2nd Special Mention

Lessons From The Night
Adrian Francis
Australia, 2008
9:00 min

German Competition

SAE Institute Kurzfilmpreis

Scholarship for 4 months tuition in any available subject, valued at € 2000

Serdal Karaça
Germany, 2009
28:47 min

Titelbild Prize

Film subtitling for one film (up to 30 minutes), valued at € 500

Daniela Roos
Germany, 2008
17:36 min

interfilm Prize

from Bewegliche Ziele e.V. € 1.000

Germania Wurst
Volker Schlecht
Germany, 2008
11:00 min


Audience Award for the weirdest & most wonderful film

€1000 von webwerk

Der Conny ihr Pony
Robert Pohle
Germany, 2008
4:50 min

Viral Video Award

1st Audience Award

€500 from Flip Video

You are Terrorist
Alexander Lehmann
Germany 2009

1st Jury Award

€500 from Flip Video

Stiegl - Alternative Ski Jump
Projekt X
Austria 2008

Special Mention

To a friend
Pierpaolo Balani and Antonio Maccario
Italy 2009

Children's and Youth Film Competition

Best short film for children KUKI 1st prize

€1000 from Zapf Umzüge

The Problem with Pets
Catriona Craig
Scotland, 2008
13:00 min

Best short film for children KUKI 2nd prize

€500 from Würgeengel

Adrian Flückiger
Switzerland, 2008
4:51 min

Best short film for Youth

€500 from Bewegliche Ziele e.V.

The Ground Beneath
Rene Hernandez
Australia, 2008
20:00 min