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Elmar Giglinger

500 films from 57 countries, €40,000 worth of prizes, a film market, workshops, panels, lectures, receptions and a great many club events created around short films and video clips – with interfilm, Berlin is endowed with one of the largest short film festivals on the continent.

That is suitably fitting, considering short film, like the capital itself also stands for a love of experimentation, progression and all things young – and not least because shorts can also be shot on a small budget, or even a mobile phone. As a result, the video clip has emerged as the champion of the digital era. It’s not possible to imagine a website or user profile without one; it is the versatile content and business model of countless short film portals, appearing as art, music clip or commercial. Without short film, the internet would be boring. That’s why interfilm has been absolutely consequential in conferring an award for viral internet films since 2008. Incidentally, they are the only festival in Germany to do so to date.

And now I’m looking forward to the 2010 short film collection, to new ideas and great parties. See you there!

Elmar Giglinger
Managing Director of Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg