Konzertperformance FORMELWESEN

Volksbühne, 19 Nov at 8 pm

Morboy von Lewald is the scene-stealing frontman of Formelwesen, the jazz-punk band from Berlin. Fabulous music that merges the likes of Zappa and Deichkind with animated short films to create an interactive entity.

Either the music determines the film, or Morboy the band! FORMELWESEN demands the attention of not one, but all your senses - anything less would be like drinking wine out of a paper cup, sex in a broom closet or a Bollywood film on a b/w TV.

Eccentric music accompanied by apocalyptic animation - that's what you can expect from FORMELWESEN on ShortFriday.

Note: Book now! Tickts are selling fast! Don't say we didn't warn you...

Prize: 6,00 / 4,00 €

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