Pitch me!

Fri. 19 November: 3:30pm to 8pm at the Volksbühne, between Roter Salon & Grüner Salon


Welcome to a productive exchange addressing all things short film: 'Pitch me!' is part of ShortFriday. Its agenda includes presentations of film and media projects, discussions of project ideas and film presentations in the 'Your Screen' segment. While many presentation slots have been booked in advance, we also welcome spontaneous talks, screenings and presentations. Admission is open to everyone and free of charge.

 Interested? Then register here at festival@interfilm.de and describe your concrete theme, project or idea (tel: (030) 693 29 59 / 0163-60 12 12 6)

The following forms of presentation are accepted:

  • Short lecture/presentation at an arranged time-slot, or spontaneously
  • Lecture/presentation at a table with own computer etc.. Power connection and WiFi available on site.
  • Open talk at an arranged time-slot, or spontaneously
  • "Your Screen" film presentation at Roter Salon, starting at 5pm. At an arranged time-slot (email registration above) or spontaneously.



1. Open Panel: Short Film Culture in Ireland, India, Australia, China and beyond

3.30 pm Roter Salon - Filmmakers and festival directors from Ireland, India and Australia in an open panel discussion. - Language: English 
Sushrut Jain - India (Filmmaker, Andheri)
Malcom Blaylock - Australia (St. Kilda Film Festival)
Cian Smyth - Northern Ireland (Belfast Film Festival)
Jin Wang - China (Association for Corporate Growth)
& international festival guests
Moderator: Heinz Hermanns (interfilm Berlin)

2. Crowd Film Funding

6 pm Sternfoyer - Crowd Film Funding: New ways to realise film projects.
Tino Kreßner from startnext
David Holetzeck from pling
Aaron Koenig from Bitfilm
Konrad Lauten from inkubato
Moderator: Patrick Jacobshagen
Language: German


info desk - enquiries & registration coordination / timetable board - also for spontaneous registration of presentations (lectures & screenings) / attendance board - for an overview / flyer base for information material / Cafe - for refreshments and meetings


4pm till 8pm in the Sternfoyer - The timetable will be announced shortly before ShortFriday.

Christmas Daydream

4:00 pm - Ansgar Ahlers: Film financing as a Christmas present! Film conception and development as company giveaways.

Topper gibt nicht auf ('Topper Won't Give Up')

4:20 pm - Paul Andexel: The first 3D film produced at a German film school. Challenges and prospects for the short film sector.


4:40 pm - Natalie Gravenor: Realeyz.tv and the monetarisation of short film through Video on Demand - Experiences and visions.


Association for Corporate Growth - China

5:00 pm - Liao Xiangzhong & Hu Yueming: The animation boom in China -

More than 2000 animation fimmakers are currently being trained in China ... (in English)

Short Film Competition - René Lezard

5:25 pm - Anja Weist: Introducing the fashion-related short film competition organised by René Lezard to mark the occasion of Fashion Week Berlin 2011


5:30 pm - Pascal Nothdurft & Márk Szilágyi: Minotaurus - User Generated Cinema - An interactive film project at Baden-Württemberg Film Academy - from story development to realisation.

6:00 pm - Panel: Crowd film funding - see above

The disaster of publicity

7:00 pm - Olaf Encke: Judas & Jesus, a film that divides public opinion - between the Pope and YouTube, film funding and mainstream taste.

You are a Terrorist

7:20 - pm - Alexander Lehmann: Institutions, public exposure and censorship - about the online and offline incidents surrounding the animated film "Du bist Terrorist" (You are a Terrorist)

Viral Video School

7:40 pm - Alex Orlowski introduces the viral video workshop. Providing insights into useful techniques for the filming and distribution of viral videos and how to create  effective strategies. (in English)


From  4pm to 8pm in the Sternfoyer


Presentation & Panel: The crowd film funding tool, "pling"

David Holetzeck:  New methods of film financing


Margarita Kozakiewic: Cross-medial Reporting


Presentation & Panel:

Tino Kreßner: Online film financing with Crowdfunding A platform for innovative cooperation 


Aaron König: Money & Me - Web-based film production in open source at Bitfilm Festival


Konrad Lauten: Realise projects and support creativity at inkubato.com


Denis Demmerle & Martin Daßinnies: The online magazine for Berlin film festivals


Paul Rieth: Filmnetz, the film platform for emerging filmmakers - Film pool & creative exchange

Short film meets fund-raising

Tolga Cerci: Donate 20 euros or more and I'll make you a short film with a running time of approx. 2 minutes. The end result will be ready 5-6 days later.

Kurz vor Film

Heide Schürmeier introduces 'Kurz vor Film' ('shorts before features'), a nation-wide campaign that aims to put short films back in the cinema, by enlisting the help of cinema-goers.

Most interesting Person

Stuart Holt: Film portraits. A long-term online documentary on interesting individuals and the person who fascinates them most.


Tobias Gessner: the first punk cartoon series - track record, strategies and visions


Schrei für Dein Recht ('Scream for Your Rights')

Marc Ludwig: Ads and campaigns to encourage political awareness - created by young people for young people.

Sender Freies Neukölln

Antje Borchardt: online TV dedicated to Neukölln neighbourhood interests. "Films the world needs, about the kind of world that no-one needs".

Fernsehen ist tot ('TV is Dead')

Presentation: Innovative television for the Internet

Films in progress

4 pm to 8 pm - Sternfoyer outside Grüner Salon

Abort / Raus aus Eden

4:30 pm - Karsten Prühl: A horror film about an abortion (Abort) as well as a feature film project (Raus aus Eden)


Anis Welt (Ani's World)

5:00 pm - Lili Krasteva: Ani and her family immigrated to Germany when she was very young because her father was offered a better job. She is now 17.

Apeiron Films

5:30 pm - Dave Lojek: New projects, ideas and visions

Ehegeheimnisse ('Marital Secrets')

6:00 pm - Judith Gridl: Three short stories about relationships that all share one common secret: Keeping quiet about having misbehaved, in order to save a marriage.


6:30 pm - Anne-Christin Plate: Animated film - contemplating so-called disabilities, so-called normalities and life with both.

Your Screen

5 - 8 pm at Roter Salon

'Your Screen' will commence directly after Panel 1 (see above). The films will be shown in alphabetical order, unless other arrangements are met at the screening.


Der Adler ist fort ('The Eagle is Gone')

Film by Mario Mentrup. Impressions of Berlin by night. A film-mélange consisting of historic footage, expressionism and Agitprop. (21 min)

The Eye

Film by The Macuto Collective: A drama of obsession. A man's delusion with the hero of his Super-8 passion, overlaps into reality. (11 Min)

The Feast

Music video by Boris Seewald: Ralf Hildenbeutel – The Feast (3:30 min)

Gde je Ratko

Film by Michael Schmacke & Boris Zujko: A fairytale about the whereabouts of Ratko Mladic - who was responsible for the worst massacre since the Second World War. (20 Min)

Gegensprechanlage ('Intercom')

Film by Hannes Rössler. Anna is in her early twenties, a girl in the big city ... sounds, music and a song can be heard coming from an intercom system... . ( 24 min)

Sehr farbig und ohne Ostalgie ('Very Colourful and Without Eastalgia')

Film by Anne Winterhager

Vorabendprogramm ('Early Evening Program')

Film by Rainer Wessels: Between youthful escapades and marital rows it seems as though the world's imminent destruction is a scheduled part of the early evening program. Every evening. (8 min)

Ungeschriebene Gesetze ('Unwritten Laws')

Film by Sven Wegner: A big-city neurotic tries to play by the rules for a happy relationship (15 min)

Zimmermann ('Carpenter')

Animation by Florian Beetz: About the ups and downs escaping constriction (12 min)