27th International Short Film Festival Berlin

15 - 20 November 2011

Volksbühne, Babylon, Passage Kinos, Central Kino, Roter Salon, Grüner Salon

500 films, 50 programmes, 6 competitions, international guests and festivals, close-ups and wide-angle views, ShortFriday, project presentations, concerts, parties ...

And the Winners are ...! / And this is the Festival Catalogue

With an audience record of 16,000, the 27th International Short Film Festival Berlin came to a euphoric close on Sunday. More than 500 accredited guests attended this year’s festival, 220 international and german filmmakers and 100 industry professionals ... more

The Programme

50 Programmes in 6 Competions and several Categories here


Tickets, Festival pass and more check out here


Get in touch with festival films: Join the Picture-Show! (German version)


Get in touch with festival films: Join the Trailer-Show!


In 18 programms of 6 competitions with prizes worth 40.000 € 166 films do compete. - To the competitions


Eject, Sound & Vision, Award Ceremonies, Partys, Brunch, the Festival offers many Events


Take part in! Filmmakers make films in teams to present them at the festival. Ready for film+fertig!?

Viral Video Award 2011

The competition for internet films with a message: Vote your favourite viral until Nov 17th at www.viralvideoaward.com

SouthEastAsia & Switzerland

This year we focus on SouthEastAsia & Switzerland. 9 programmes tell uns stories of foreign countries, so visit The Focus On

Green Screen

3 programms concentrate on belongings between nature and environment and man and animal. - Visit Green Screen


On friday Nov 18th we at the ShortFriday celebrate several big events at Volksbühne and Red and Green Salon! More

Pitch me!

Present your Project! Filmmakers talk about their filmprojects at Volksbühne during ShortFriday: Pitch me!


6 programmes full of special thematic shorts: Delicacies!

Table Quiz

In german language: The live film quiz show: Table Quiz!

Sound & Vision

Volksbühne at ShortFriday 8pm: We take off the sound to bring new great sounds to great films! - This is Sound & Vision

Music videos, Dezibel & Clip it!

Different countries, different sounds. Enjoy a mix of international music videos in the category Clips & Tracks!

Kurz vor Kritisch

In german language: Berlin critics present their favorite films and talk about - at Kurz vor Kritisch

Bike Shorts

Bicycle! You like to ride the bicycle!? So join the very special program Bike Shorts!

Preview: ASIA EAST SOUTH EAST (5 Programmes) 2 Minutes

Preview: CONFRONTATIONS Competition (3 Programmes) 2 Minutes

Preview: Switzerland - HEIDI REVISITED (4 Programmes) 2 Minutes

Preview: GREEN SCREEN (3 Programmes) 2 Minutes

And much more ...!

Festival Trailer 2011

Festival Partners

A big fat thank you to all supporters, prize sponsors and partners!

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