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Too much input: It’s no news that we’re living in times of media overkill and information onslaught. Our problem is not gaining access to news and information, but filtering it and recognising what’s useful and interesting to us. In addition, we also skim over headlines, subscribe to online news tickers, follow blogs and scan video clips on corresponding platforms. And while we’re seemingly steeped in information, it usually lacks insight into complex backgrounds.

In these three competition programmes of the Confrontations section – films with a conscience, we’d like to give a face to the many often dramatic headlines that reach us from the world’s most diverse countries. For instance, what does it mean for a woman living in Congo or Mozambique to assert herself? What happens when children are compelled to take their lives into their own hands and are we always improving a situation when we think we’re helping? In this, the 12th edition of this exceptional programme, these and other questions are illuminated by 18 films, in at times entertaining and often shocking ways.


Stephanie Hofmaier, Heinz Hermanns


Dr. Uwe Schmelter, Harimalala  Rason, Hana Kulhankova, William Spindler - more


1st Prize

€ 2000 from the Federal Agency for Civic Education Link

2nd Prize

€ 1000 from the Federal Agency for Civic Education Link

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