GC - German Competition

3 Programs


About the Competition

This year’s selection reveals insights into contemporary lifeworlds and increasingly functions as a reflection of our societal realities. The forms presented here are enthralling and often reveal a love of experimentation; the themes as diverse as they are elementary, without having to conform to the demands of thoroughness or balance.

Generally speaking, these three programmes take us on a single journey – leading us from breathless constriction to provocative collisions right up to liberation, thereby providing ample space for potential brainstorms. A recurring development that can also be found on a smaller scale: While searching for individuality and personality, or friendship and love it is often the hurdles of everyday experience and one’s own self that bar the way. Such as the protagonists in BREATHLESS, who are so trapped that a clear view is almost impossible, until a minor outburst suddenly leads to an awakening.

Others, on the other hand, are hastily pressed into a mould which rapidly causes COLLISIONS, when clichés clash against individuality and many an old pattern – including those in the minds of the audience – have to be thrown overboard. And once emancipation from deadlocked stereotypes and cinematic forms has been attained, BRAINSTORMS are set free to roam where they will. Time becomes relative and ‘real life’ is reshaped like putty in your hands. But regardless of how free we feel, we keep getting caught in the images that are implanted inside us, and which suddenly resurface in the cinema.


Sophie-Luise Werner, Danny Gronmaier


Yasemin Samdereli, Andreas Schmidt, Daniel Ebner, Nadeshda Brennicke - more


Best German Film - 1st Prize

1st prize: € 1.500,- from ic! berlin Link

Best German Film - 2nd Prize

2nd prize: € 1.000 from 25p *cine support Link