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About the Competition

“The Global Update”: The title of the first programme corresponds to our overall objective with GREEN SCREEN, which is to highlight the global dilemma between humankind and nature with a wide variety of angles and film styles. These programmes condense volatile themes in highly analytical, grotesquely ironic and often bizarre ways. We aim to rouse, provoke and inspire you without ever leaving the realm of great entertainment. This is also the first year in which we pay tribute to the vital role of environmental issues in a competition programme.

The water shortage film, “Pumzi” from Kenya uses thrilling science fiction to boldly highlight the global crisis created by the fatal consequences of consumer behaviour. And even the office comedy “Wait for Rain” demands that we start acting responsibly and use common sense. Between the squandering of natural resources, over-fishing, climate ping-pong and textile recycling in India, “The Global Update” stimulates a yearning for nature.

“Food Fetish” on the other hand, is a programme that was born of the high concentration of culinary entries: It is stuffed full of films that range from humorous to intense, covering topics like meat-mania, the joys of hunting, chicken identity, ordering food, cooking tips and visionary farming methods. Warning: A thriller proves that the swine flu is grotesquely rampant!  


Matthias Groll, Heinz Hermanns

Audience Award


Green Screen Award

Best Enviromental Film

€ 500,- from Bewegliche Ziele Link

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