interfilm Festival
MC. Czlowiek z winylu

MC. Czlowiek z winylu

MC. Man of Vinyl

Director(s): Bartosz Warwas

Poland, 2010

20:30 min

Genre: Short Fiction

Dialogues: Polish

Subtitles: Englisch

Some say that MC is responsible for the Polish Revolution, besides being the pioneer of rap. But actually, he only wanted to win over the beautiful Daria...

The Film will be shown in the following Programs:

Clips & Tracks

Decibel - Music Moving Images

14.11.2014, 22:00h, Grüner Salon

15.11.2014, 22:00h, Babylon - Kino 2


Thematic Competition

Mauersegler - Beyond the Wall

11.11.2014, 18:00h, Babylon - Kino 2

13.11.2014, 17:00h, Babylon - Kino 3