interfilm Festival

interfilm Anniversay

30 years of interfilm: let's celebrate!

... with dazzling short film highlights taken from the vast interfilm universe. Unfogettable films that moved, thrilled, disturbed, delighted and enlightened us. While some films may seem slightly dated, others have stood the test of time astonishingly well and appear to be universally valid and timeless.

Enjoy a wild mix of classic and recent interfilm award-winners; friends who once started the Super 8 revolution; rocking the Wall and brilliant film highlights from the past.


Our anniversary programmes:

Michael Brynntrup - Super 8: “Jesus der Film”

Alle Macht der Super 8

30 Years of interfilm: Grand Prix Winners

Highlights Revisited: interfilm Festival

Mauersegler Retrospektive: Rock the Wall!

... and don't miss:

30 years! Festival Anniversary Party

BiNuu, Saturday 15 Nov 2014 - 11pm

the epic interfilm Festival party, this year at BiNuu in Kreuberg! - more!

That was then / This is now

30 years ago, the interfilm Festival was founded at Eiszeit Kino in Kreuzberg - Zeughof Straße 20 - and we're happy to be back there this year with several programmes.

Below left in front: Festival Director Heinz Hermanns - back then.
Below right: A contemporary interfilm punk at Eiszeit Kino.

Modern-day interfilm heroes: Heinz Hermanns, Alex Stein and Matthias Groll.

"Wishing you all a great time at our 30th anniversary edition"!

Blast from the past:

interfilm logos of yesteryear:

(the last one is the current one)

First interfilm Catalogue from 1982


Long time ago ...