interfilm Festival

All Hail the Super 8

Roter Salon - Sat 15 Nov - 11pm

The filmprogramme

"All Hail the Super 8" - The predecessor to the interfilm festival took place under this title in 1981. The following year, Gegenlicht Film Distribution, the film performance project U.V.A., and the Gib-8 Cinema co-operated to give us the very first interfilm festival.

Super 8 was introduced in 1965. What made it so super was the better manipulation of 8mm film and an enlarged picture. The raw material was automatically produced in 8mm width, eliminating the necessity for later a vertical splitting of the film. Plus, the film was wound in a cassette, making camera insertion much easier.

In the 70s and 80s, the super 8 format became popular for use in performances, exhibits, and concerts.

Super 8 groups like the "Alten Kinder" from Bielefeld, the "Anarchistische Gummizelle" from Düsseldorf, "Schmelz Dahin" from Bonn, and "Otschko" from Berlin proved that professionals and amateurs were now capable of independently producing impressive stuff - and that with very little funding.

Whether experimental, documentary, animation, or even horror-thrillers, with super 8, almost anything was possible.

This program presents super 8 classics from the 80s.

Tickets - Entrance: 5,00 € - Tickets online