interfilm Festival

Michael Brynntrup - Super 8: “Jesus der Film”


Eiszeit Kino - Sunday 16 November 2014 -  8pm

JESUS - DER FILM by Michael Brynntrup is a monumental film in Super 8 format. Principal filming spanned more than 15 months, from the initial idea in December 1984 till its premiere at the Berlinale in 1986. 22 filmmakers and non-filmmakers participated on the project, hailing from West Germany and both East and West Berlin (including 3 cinemas, a publishing house, a film critic and numerous Super 8 film groups).

The Programme

Participating filmmakers received up to ten 3-minute Super 8 cassettes and were largely given a free hand in creating their episodes. The idea was to tell or retell the New Testament predominantly with the use of acting means and that filmmakers should continue on from the final shots of the previous episode (in keeping with the surrealist game 'cadavre exquis'). In many cases, sets and actors were passed from one episode to another. The continuous figure in all episodes was the initiator and coordinator of the project, Michael Brynntrup, in the role of Jesus.

After having screened this many-faced work in its early years, interfilm will now present it once again within the framework of our great Super 8 Retrospective.

Tickets - Entrance: 7,50 € / 6,50 €