interfilm Festival

CON - Confrontations Competition

3 programmes


1 - With different eyes

2 - Under pressure

3 - Stand up and get counted


About Confrontations


The 14th edition of the international short film competition, Confrontations – Films with a Conscience is once again held in a time that is shaped by catchwords and headlines relating to the most diverse kinds of crises and burning topics: The situation in Ukraine, terrorist militias, viruses, the Arab spring, refugee predicament and religious fanaticism, to name a few.

Worldwide hotspots and their related images haunt and hound us – or should they perhaps haunt and hound us even more? We’re linked – via Internet platforms, blogs, television and radio.

While the occurrences seem close, they are still so unbelievably disconnected. Is it really news or just a seemingly endless continuation of the history of society? The xx short films collected here open a window to the usually unimaginable everyday realities of the protagonists and dare to explore the bigger picture. This year CON presents a particularly rich display of perspectives, in both live-action and animation – such as the playful idea to show a stranded alien’s view of the wars on planet Earth or how finding the right translator is crucial to world peace.

Serious topics such as the discrimination of the HIV-infected and fear of religious terrorism are illuminated in these programmes alongside oppression stemming from institutions, families and society. Sometimes the protagonists are able to change their situations, such as in the film about the female, Muslim Lifesaver, and sometimes the heroines and heroes fail. These films show sensitive, lucid, quiet and bold stories, both humorous and critical that move, alarm and inspire us to reflect.


The Jury


Andrea Schwemmer, Heinz Hermanns, Alexander Stein


1st Prize

€ 2000 from the Federal Agency for Civic Education Link

2nd Prize

€ 1000 from the Federal Agency for Civic Education Link