interfilm Festival

Focus Japan

4 programms


1 - Social Cages

2 - Fears, Obsessions and Mutations

3 - JapAnimation

4 - Anime Studio 4°C - Genius Party

Concert: Usaginingen from Japan


About the Focus:

After last year’s “Metropolis Tokyo” programme at interfilm, the 30th festival edition has dedicated a comprehensive focus to this country and its fascinating short film productions.

The threefold catastrophe of Fukushima and its pairing of natural disaster with blind technological trust and human fatalism, has given all manner of short filmmaking new impulses that enrich their given genres artistically and thematically. Post-Fukushima, classic Japanese subjects such as world destruction and catastrophic visions seem oppressively close to reality, even when clothed in fantastic animation or presented as a small and quiet story.

The old divide between tradition and modernity, normalised life designs, socio-cultural standards and longed-for individual happiness, between the moral codex of families and its often bizarre implementation, continues to provide narratives and characters with an enthralling thematic stage of very Japanese polarity. In short: “Focus On Japan” provides a compact, formal and substantially rich insight into the country’s vast range of short filmmaking.

For the first time, interfilm is delighted to welcome a Japanese film delegation comprising six film directors as well as both Directors of Tokyo and Sapporo Short Film Festivals, who at the Round Table, “Short in Japan” will talk about their work and answer audience questions. This foreign focus will be crowned by an audiovisual concert / performance given by the Japanese artist duo, “Usaginingen” from Berlin.

In Cooperation with: Japan Foundation


Heinz Hermanns, Uwe Schmelter,Manuela Arnet