interfilm Festival

Focus Norway

3 programmes


1 - On Detours

2 - Not together, not alone

3 - Lost & Found - Retrospective Norwegian Shorts

Concert: Therese Aune from norway


About the Focus:

What do you dream of in the artic? How cold is the snowy wind, when the only way out involves a naked odyssey on a jet ski?

The focus on Norway dedicates itself to wonderfully odd, sarcastic, honest and incredibly touching short films from the North. Old treasures, prizewinners, festival successes and cult films, from the 90s up to the present day, reveal the long-standing diversity of the Norwegian short film.

In Norway too, the short film has had to fight for its status as independent art form. Through this year’s festival successes such as Ja, vi elsker von Hallvar Witzø in Cannes, however, the Norwegian short film has moved further into the spotlight once again.

On Detours, Not Together, Not Alone and Lost & Found explore the facets of Norwegian short film culture. Ranging from episodic structures to long shots and collages, these moving images tell tales of people on the lookout, sleepless nights and unanticipated blows. Of people running from the truth, fighting reality and chasing after that big break. Cinematic portraits of intimate togetherness, family life and society will keep us returning to the same question: Will pooling our forces help us move forward, or should we rather tread on separate paths?

The film programme will be rounded off by the film talk Films From Up North. Norwegian short film in the limelight. Ingrid Rommetveit, editor of the film magazine Z Filmtidsskrift, and curator Nele Luise Fritzsche will consult with filmmakers and festival representatives to shed light on current themes, tendencies and new perspectives of the Norwegian short film.


Nele Fritzsche, Heinz Hermanns

With kind support of

The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Berlin, Norwegian Film Institute

In Cooperation with

Z Filmtidsskrift