interfilm Festival

GC - German Competition

2 programmes


1 - No Way Out

2 - Behind Closed Doors


About the Competition

Complex, eclectic and rich in realization possibilities – the GERMAN COMPETITION once again brings together the most diverse of films in order to display the broad spectrum of the local filmmaking scene. Whether they run forward or backward, arrive or depart, this year’s themes frequently deal with a change of direction and / or plan.

Some characters find themselves on the home stretch only to make a sudden new decision. Avenues of escape are sought and often lead to detours. At times dramatic, sad, hilarious or just plain entertaining, the films in this programme often stray from conventional patterns of storytelling.

The Jury


Jenny Uhlenbrok, Alexander Stein, Patrick Thuelig



1st prize

€ 1.000 from Luzia

2nd prize

Technique equipment rental worth € 2.500 from 25p *MEDIA GROUP