interfilm Festival

MC1 Finding Your Way to the End

Zara Waldebäck

WED 12.11./ 11:00 – 13:00 pm / Grüner Salon

Where do you begin when creating an ending? There are so many ways to go wrong - fizzling out, losing your way, taking a shortcut, hiding the truth.... In this interactive and lively seminar, Zara Waldebäck will explore our sense of goodbye, why we are sometimes afraid of letting go, and why it is crucial to give endings the attention they deserve.

Zara Waldebäck / Screenwriter, Sweden

Sara Broos / Filmmaker, Sweden

MC2 This World Does Not Need Any More Good Films

Sven Taddicken

THUR 13.11. / 10:00 – 11:00 am / Grüner Salon

How should you pitch your film project? Especially in times when, at least technically speaking, anyone can be a filmmaker. And what are you actually working on? Is it a project for yourself, the audience, or a dialogue between the two?Sven Taddicken on how to pitch a film project.

Sven Taddicken / Director, Germany