interfilm Festival

ME1 In Conversation with David Sproxton, Aardman Co-Founder

David Sproxton

FRI 14.11. / 11:00 - 12:00 am / Grüner Salon

Meet David Sproxton, co-founder of the Aardman Animation Studio, the British production company responsible for creating such notable work as Creature Comforts, Angry Kid and Wallace and Gromit. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to peek behind the scenes of this world-renowned company in a public Q&A.

Emily Smith / Designer, curator, USA

ME2 Explore Your Options

Christian Gesell

Navigating the international short film market with Christian Gesell, interfilm Berlin Distribution & Sales.

SAT 15.11. / 11:00 - 12:00am / Grüner Salon

Meet Christian Gesell, Head of Distribution and Sales at interfilm Berlin. With expertise in selling and distributing short films around the globe, Christian will reveal insights into the dynamic, vibrant and particularly challenging market of short films.

Christian Gesell / Head of Sales & Distribution interfilm Berlin, Germany