interfilm Festival

PA1 Contrast, Conflict, Confrontation. Short film on the spot.

THUR 13.11. / 15:30 - 17:00 pm / Grüner Salon

In terms of content and theme, the panel Contrast, conflict, confrontation. Short film on the spot relates directly to the international Confrontations competition – Films with a Conscience. The panel assembles experts Andrea Kuhn (NIHRFF), Stefan Telöken (UNHCR) and Julia Sinkevych (OIFF) along with attendant filmmakers represented in that section. Moderated by Confrontations curator Andrea Schwemmer, we look forward to enlightening content-related discussions that use the films’ themes to draw attention to the life situations of people whose stories move and alarm us while also causing us to reflect.

Andrea Kuhn / Director of the Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival
Stefan Telöken / Press Spokesman at UNHCR Berlin
Julia Sinkevych / Director of the Odessa International Film Festival, Ukraine

Andrea Schwemmer / Curator of the Confrontations Competition, Germany

Andrea Kuhn
Stefan Telöken
Julia Sinkevych

PA2 Short Films on the Rise. Exploring the popularity of short film in media.

SAT 15.11. / 13:00 - 15:00 pm / Grüner Salon

As an independent art form, short film can be many things. Consequently, there are many festivals throughout the world that specialise in selecting, showing and awarding short films.
However, what significance do they hold beyond the festival scene?  Who and where is the short film audience? What are the exceptional characteristics that shape the short film? And how can short film find an agreeable status as an art form within the German film industry?
Find out why TV stations are reluctant to try out new formats, why producers count on commissioned work and why short film holds great promise in the online sector.

Tidi von Tiedemann / Producer, Director, Kontrastfilm, Arte Short Circuit, Germany
Ute Brandenburger / Senior Editor Video, Zeit Online, Germany
Martina Nix / Producer, RBB
Achim Forst / Commissioning Editor, film department, ZDF / 3sat

Christian Gesell / Head of Sales and Distribution, interfilm Berlin, Germany

Tidi von Tiedemann
Ute Brandenburger
Achim Forst

PA3 Go Short! Potentials and qualities of an underestimated art form.

SAT 15.11. / 15:30 - 17:00pm / Grüner Salon

AG Kurzfilm & interfilm invite you to an open discussion on the current issues and trends regarding German short film.

Approx. 2,500 short films are produced in Germany every year. Although quantity is not necessarily a criterion for quality, there are many outstanding films competing in and winning at renowned festivals in Germany and abroad. Nevertheless, beyond the festivals, short films are still relegated to a niche existence in Germany. They can only be watched on the silver screens of a few dedicated art-house cinemas, at midnight on TV or on various video platforms, where they are on the verge of being lost amidst all the bigger and smaller films published there.

Therefore, short film in Germany has a perception problem, which on the one hand becomes obvious through its invisibility, but does also result in its marginal relevance in the awarding committees of funding institutions, which in turn influence the production conditions of the short film makers. Thus, the panellists discuss the question what can be done to direct the focus on German short films (again).

Frank Becher / Producer
Axel Ranisch / Filmmaker, actor, producer
Christine Berg / Deputy chairwoman of the German Federal Film Board (FFA)
Christian Pfeil / Co-Executive director of Arena Filmtheater BetriebsGmbH

Cornelia Klauß / author, dramaturg, curator, Germany

Frank Becher
Axel Ranisch
Christine Berg