interfilm Festival

30 years of interfilm Festival Anniversary Party

BiNuu, Sat. 15 11 2014 - 11 pm

No sign of a mid-life crisis: 30 years of interfilm, that calls out for a wild party, flamboyant gestures and streams of bubbly. That screams out for a fitting birthday party! No problem: Berlin's new favourite band, Camera could reanimate the dead with their amazing sound and live performance!

So, welcome to Berlin-Kreuzberg to BiNuu (Schlesiches Tor).

Let´s party!

Tickets - Entrance: 8,00 € - Tickets online



Celebrate these acts:

23.30h: Camera
00.30h: Greg Haines (DJ)
03.00h: The Mono Kid (DJ)



Filled with psychedelia and drumbeats. - Website

Greg Haines

With his dub soundsystems beyond time and space.- Website

The Mono Kid alias Falko Teichmann

Deepen afro disco sounds and house electro. - Soundcloud