interfilm Festival

Opening Night Gala

Thu 11 11 2014 - 9pm Volksbühne

Here we go again - for the 30th time!

Hosted by John Keogh and with audiovisual accompaniment by Japanese duo Usaginingen, the interfilm Festival week will begin in celebratory style at the grand Volksbühne Theatre. We're looking forward to welcoming international guests and filmmakers from all over the world, Berlin celebrities, old and new friends and of course an enticing sneak preview of festival films. A festive start to a festive anniversary! 

Afterwards: Party in Roter Salon  

Tickets - Entrance: 8,00 € - Tickets online

At the Opening Night Gala: Usaginingen from Japan

A Highlight is Usaginingen from Japan / Berlin: Emi Hirai plays the Visual Machine “TA-CO” and Shinichi Hirai the instrument “SHIBAKI”.

Also visit there concert at interfilm festival: Saturday, 15 November 2014 at  at 9pm at Grüner Salon - more

Opening party

Next to the official opening with films and guests lets make party at the foyer of Volksbühne and in Roter Salon.

Opening Gala 2013: Impressions