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Confrontations Online Award 2015

interfilm in the Confrontations Competitition presents 24 films in three programmes:
No Choice
Last resorts
Power Games

20 films are also in this seperate online competition.


The Winners are:

Online Award - 1st prize

€ 1000 from Heinrich Böll Foundation Link


Jamie Donoughue, England / Cosovo, 2015 - more - Trailer

Online Award - 2nd prize

The Culprit - Michael Rittmannsberger,  Austria, 2015 - more - Film

Online Award - 3rd prize

Hatatzpitanit / Lookout - Noa Gusakov, Israel, 2014 - more - Trailer

The prize:

€1000 from Heinrich Böll Foundation for the winner of the online award

The jury:

A grand international jury will decide on the Best Film - The Jury and more


Enjoy strong films against violence and intolerace!

The online competition is closed

Most films are offline. Some films professionals can watch.

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You know me

Raj Yagnik

Jordan • 2015 • 3:00 min • Animation

Approximately 15 million children in North America and the Middle East are kept from attending school. A few of these children talk about their lives and the reasons for their situations.

In Confrontatios Competition also in programme 1: No Choice
Status film: online