interfilm Festival

Focus On: Baltic States

4 programms

BAL 1 - Animated Worlds

BAL 2 - Longings

BAL 3 - Bodies and Minds

BAL 4 - Tales of the Paradox


Kick off Fokus Baltikum. Film Talk & Official Opening

Building Momentum. Contemporary filmmaking from the Baltic States

Wed, 11.11.2015 - 9 pm at the Estonian bar JÄÄ ÄÄR

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About the Focus:

Animated Worlds, Bodies and Minds, Longings, and Tales of the Paradox—with Focus On: Baltic States' four programs, interfilm offers a panoramic view of contemporary films from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Forming a relatively small cinematic landscape, these three countries continute to produce exciting new film projects each year. Inspired by gaining independence from the former USSR, the new voices from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are hallmarked by unique artistic signature, commanding style, and imaginative storytelling.

Alongside well-known directors, the focus on these three Baltic countries also presents young talent, thereby spanning a spectrum from tradition to cutting-edge innovation. Idiosyncratic and forcefully expressive, this group of filmmakers give Lithuanian, Estonian, and Latvian cinema new voice, telling stories of everyday life, unfulfilled desires, and political paradoxes in venturesome meanderings and daring juxtapositions. With films from, among others, Priit and Olga Pärn, Ülo Pikkov, Kaspar Jancis, Edmunds Jansons and Vladimir Leschiov, the program Animated Worlds takes viewers on a journey through the imaginations and the worlds of Latvia’s and Estonian master animators. The programs Bodies and Minds, Longings, and Tales of the Paradox combine new and well-known filmmakers, taking up the provocative, moving, and inspiring themes that dominate short film today.


Nele Fritsche, Heinz Hermanns


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