interfilm Festival

SP 4 - Relief 3D: Best of 3D Courant Film Festival

Filmtheater am Friedrichshain

Thu 12 Nov - 9 pm


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Whether space debris gone out of control or a journey through the subconscious during a drug-induced euphoria, the three-dimensional short film is crazed and entertaining.

Relief-3D blasts though the borders of genre and places suspenseful thriller next to scientific observation, dystopia next to the erotic. When the third dimension opens up a new space for experimentation, the short film is quick to respond.

Here we present a "best of" selection from the jury of  the 3D Courant Festival. (Sitting on the jury, among others, Joséphine Derobes - Wim Wenders' stereographer.)

In cooperation with Courant 3D Filmfest France