interfilm Festival

Confrontations Human Rights Online Jury Award

1 - 20 November 2016

Selected films from our Confrontation Competition against violence and intolerance compete in an extra online award.

The winning film will be conferred 

The Jury - find here - will decide on the best film sponsored with €1000 from Heinrich Böll Foundation.
The films are online until 20 November 2016

10 films are in competition.

The winner is: SULEIMA

Maghout, Jalal - Syrien, Deutschland, 2014 - 15:04 min - info - trailer

The nominated films

Refugee Blues
Bookas, Stephan / Daws, Tristan
Frankreich, GB-ENG, 2016
06:10 min
Connecting to verses from W.H. Auden’s poem “Refugee Blues,” the film reveals the bitter reality of the “Jungle”—an area outside of Calais where countless refugees live

Where is home?
Nazari, Asad
Schweden, 2016
01:02 min
Fleeing from Afghanistan, 14-year-old Asad journeyed to Sweden alone, his route crossing 11 countries.

In / Ut
Guerpillon, Olivier
Schweden, 2015
21:00 min
Kim and his family take a day trip from Spain to Morocco by bus. Mehdi lives on the street in Tangiers. Seeing the bus, he devises a plan.

No Offense
Borghs, Kris
Belgien, 2016
07:00 min
Caricaturists are a thorn in the side for the rich and mighty. A show trial is set to fix that. One of the defendants frantically revises his defense.


Roshan, Roshanak
Frankreich, 2016
14:40 min
Having grown up in wartime, Yalda promised herself never to have children. Emigrating to France, she is faced with deportation. Only a baby could change her situation.

Balekic, Petra
Kroatien, 2016
01:31 min
What happens when perceived group norms are broken by individuals?

Maghout, Jalal
Syrien, Deutschland, 2014
15:04 min
As a child, Suleima observes the effects of spying and oppression in Syria. With staunch resistance, she takes to the streets to bring democracy to her country.


Grabmayr, Chiara
Deutschland, 2016
03:00 min
A father tells his daughter they are going to the moon in order to make their flight easier for her, but the illusion threatens to burst.

Tarek Chalabi
Peters, Finn - Halvar
Deutschland, 2015
06:41 min
Eighteen-year-old Tarek tells the story behind his flight from Syria, describes his arrival in Germany, and reveals his hopes for the future.

Ferris wheel
Aroonpheng, Phuttiphong
Thailand, 2015
24:30 min
A stateless woman crosses the river between Thailand and Myanmar in order to find work. On the journey, her five-year-old son stumbles upon a mascot and follows it…