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Green Film Online Award

Watch films, vote and win from 1 - 17 Nov 2016

Selected films from our Green Film Award compete in an extra Audience Online Award. The winning film will be conferred with €1000 from fritz kola

It's easy: just watch and win!

Watch 8 nominated films with a total length of 38 minutes

Choose your favourite and be in the draw to win one of the following prizes:

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The winning film is online:

Age od Rust

Francesco Aber, Alessandro Mattei, Italien, 2014 - 07:12 min

The nominated films

Age of Rust
Aber, Francesco / Mattei, Alessandro
Italien, 2014
07:12 min
Countless species can be found in the beautiful panorama of the alps. This documentary devotes itself to the most dangerous of them—the powerful animals of steel.

The Last Days of Lars
Dahnke, Ninett
Deutschland, 2015
05:18 min
The name says it all: Instead of hunting seals in an eternally icy world, Lars must grapple with refuse and oil tankers.

Accidents, Blunders and Calamities
Cunningham, James
Neuseeland, 2015
05:10 min
A goodnight story about the most dangerous species on earth—humankind.

Sea Legend - Oceana
Roth, Andreas
Deutschland, 2015
02:04 min
Only old people remember the legends—about the old days, when the oceans were populated with the “kings of the sea”.

Fabreguettes, Léa
Frankreich, 2015
05:31 min
In a world of darkness, the one annual day of sunshine becomes a big event. Thousands of people set out for the coast to experience the phenomenon.

In Between
Steinmann, Rolf
Deutschland, 2015
07:56 min
Phenomenal images take us on a trip to the Arctic, where the ice masses are rapidly disappearing. The animal residents can’t move any further north.

Story of a spoon
Kuntz, Sascha
Vereinigte Arabische Emirate, Niederlande, 2015
02:00 min
Who would have thought that the story of a simple spoon started millions of years ago?

Sherriff, Scarlet
GB-ENG, 2016
04:06 min
A hapless pedestrian finds a treat on the beach - and takes the bait.

The first draw will be held on Tuesday 15 Nov at 11 am
The second draw on Friday 18 Nov at 11 am
Winners will be informed via email asap.

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All decisions are final.

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