interfilm Festival
Richard Raskin


Richard Raskin on the art of storytelling.

// Grüner Salon: Wednesday, 16.11.16, 10:00h

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Casting aside sequential models with checklists based on elements of plot structure, Raskin considers short film development from a non-formulaic standpoint. Presenting seven short films in full length, he explains an approach based on the dynamic interplay of opposites, paving the way for a precise definition of the short fiction film format.

SPEAKER: Richard Raskin, Denmark/USA, Professor of Short Film, author and filmmaker. Lecturing in Story Design at Aarhus University for 20 years, Raskin has also written and shot numerous short films, founded a film journal and penned a vast number of articles and books on the subject of short film that have since become requisite reading for every short film director.

Hubert Sielecki


Hubert Sielecki on experimental practice in poetry films.

// Grüner Salon: Wednesday, 16.11.16, 15:00h

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In this practice-oriented masterclass, Austrian filmmaker Hubert Sielecki makes use of an exquisite selection of German-language poetry films to illustrate the distinguishing characteristics of the poetry film, the text film, and the typographic film. Practical considerations are the focus: the translation of text into image, subtitling for international audiences, text and typography in film, and the potential of the sound poem.

SPEAKER: Hubert Sielecki is an artist, musician und animate poetry filmmaker from Vienna who, with his experimental animation studio and more than 30 short films is a pioneer for younger filmmaker generations. His fascination for handcrafted experiments combined with a desire to exhaust potential genre limitations has led him to a creative junction that merges poetry, animation and short film.

Presented in cooperation with ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival Münster | Berlin, an event of the Filmwerkstatt Münster in cooperation with the Haus für Poesie and with the friendly support of the Stiftung Preußischen Seehandlung and Literature Across Frontiers/literary europe live.

Juan Pablo Zaramella


Juan Pablo Zaramella on creative processes in stop motion animation.

// Grüner Salon: Wednesday, 16.11.16, 18:00h

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From comic strip to fictional quasi- live action film, pixilation and stop motion play with existing realities or create entirely new worlds. The immensely labor-intensive task of single-frame animation makes the short film attractive for this technique. Making use of selected short films and clips from his comprehensive filmography, Juan Pablo Zaramella describes the creative process of animated filmmaking.

SPEAKER: Juan Pablo Zaramella from Buenos Aires, Argentina is an animation filmmaker working in short film, television, and advertising. His pixilation film “Luminaris” (2011) received 326 awards worldwide, more than any other short film. Regardless of the chosen medium, whether drawn, modelled or shot in live action – Zaramella loves playing with formats.

Pierre Zandrowicz


Pierre Zandrowicz on the Challenges of Scriptwriting and Dramaturgy in VR

Grüner Salon: Thursday, 17.11.16, 10:00 h

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Virtual reality is a field of play for both film and video. Also, perhaps even especially for short film, this expanded dimension provides free spaces demanding new patterns of thought in cinematic development. Following a short introduction, Zandrow will focus on character and story development as well as on the dramaturgy of the immersive short film. Practical VR sessions will take place following the masterclass in “The Grand”.

SPEAKER: Pierre Zandrowicz taught himself filmmaking through the production of numerous short films, many of which were conferred with awards. He co-founded the virtual reality studio OKIO with other directors and producers in 2014, specializing in the development of video content for commercial and narrative VR productions. His VR film, “I, Philipp” will be presented as part of the virtual reality screenings. Practical VR sessions will take place following the masterclass at “The Grand”.