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Con - Confrontations Competition

Competition against Violence an Intolerance

3 programs


CON 1 - At The Sharp End

CON 2 - Remote Control

CON 3 - Lionhearted


and online:

Confrontations Online Award

and the exhibition:

CON EXPO - Confrontations meets United Sketches International Cartoon Expo


About the competition

Ever since 2001, interfilm has annually shown films in the Confrontations competition that campaign for human rights and tolerance. The programs draw attention to precarious political and social injustices. They broach topics such as violence, racism and prejudice against individuals as well as terrorism, poverty, genocide and global conflicts that hold significant relevance beyond the fate of individual people.

CONFRONTATIONS delves into the stories behind dramatic headlines that usually touch us superficially. It is the cinematic impact of short film that provides social injustices in global hot spots with a voice of their own. Every year, approximately 25 films reveal complex backgrounds and perspectives, and distinguished by a narrative force and proximity that is at times painful.

For many years, the two awards in the jury competition have been conferred by the Federal Agency for Civic Education. The online competition, which features a selection from the 3 programs is supported by the Heinrich Böll Foundation and has the UN Refugee Agency UNHCR as a partner. Previous jurors include UNHCR secretaries, the renowned German actress Iris Berben, also Pegah Ferydoni, Peter Twiehaus, Angelina Maccarone, Barbara Kisseler, Kianoush Ramezani, Dani Levy, and notable German politicians such as Claudia Roth, Chem Özdemir und Gregor Gysi.


About CON 1 - At The Sharp End:
Female Soviet fighter pilots in World War II, traumatized veterans reeling between child’s play and madness, on a razor's edge between the USA and Mexico: In AT THE SHARP END, the protagonists are well and truly on the front lines, battling front line choices. Observer or participant? Morality or self-preservation? One thing is certain: Those who have faced situations like these are never the same.

About CON 2 - Remote Control:

When the system’s got its eye on you, sometimes it only takes a fleeting moment, one ill-advised move or a single wrong word at the wrong time to set off a life-changing explosion. Drones and prejudice crowd the air. Concepts of beauty, ever so thinly veiling simmering racism, come up against young revolutionaries. “Remote Control” reveals how we have each other, and ourselves, under constant surveillance.

About CON 3 - Lionhearted:
The characters in “Lionhearted” live on the razor’s edge, and yet still demonstrate the courage for all-or-nothing decisions: The doctor treating patients as bombs fall on Aleppo, the mother searching for her lost son in Taliban territory, the young woman accepting hardship over expediency to preserve both her faith and her family. They make these choices for love, friendship or a sense of mission. Regardless, once the decision’s made, there’s no turning back.



Andrea Schwemmer, Heinz Hermanns


1st Prize

€ 2000 from the Federal Agency for Civic Education Link

2nd Prize

€ 1000 from the Federal Agency for Civic Education Link

Online Award

€ 1000 from Heinrich Böll Foundation Link