interfilm Festival

DOC - Documentary Competition

3 programmes

DOC 1 - Get Away

DOC 2 - Together Apart

DOC 3 - Work and Passion

It feels as if the world is becoming increasingly complicated and unwieldy. Documentaries can provide explana tions for us, depicting real life in an age of “alternative facts” and allowing, perhaps even compelling the audience to form their own opinion. The main themes of the films in this year’s DOCUMENTARY COMPETITION are home and its loss, loneliness, work in all its various manifestations and passions that are all too human. The three competition programs have been compiled from over 650 entries. They show us different countries in animated, narrative or extremely documentary form.

How far will people go to defend their homelands and why do they choose to leave them, while others fear these people they only know from TV? GET AWAY seeks answers to these questions.

We see people who express themselves through their computer avatars, a village swept up in communal intoxication, and two elderly ballerinas. People can live close to one another, practically on top of each other, and still feel alone. Or sometimes all it takes is one friendly word for us to no longer feel lonely—TOGETHER APART.

Migrant workers, a steel mill, funerals: Work can be nothing more than a means to make ends meet or it can be an artistic passion, and yet others in the world are simply expert sheep shearers—WORK AND PASSION.



Ingrid Beerbaum, Heinz Hermanns



Best Dokumentary Film

Prize 1.000 € by Mozilla

Audience Award