interfilm Festival

eject_XX The Long Night of Weird Shorts

Friday 24 Nov 2017 - 10:30 pm - Volksbühne


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Entrance: 10,- € / Buy tickets - also online - at Volksbühne

20 Years EJECT! Every year this inimitable event has compiled the INTERFILM FESTIVAL’S most idiosyncratic, brain-tickling entries. It goes without saying that we’ve spared neither effort nor expense for this gala extravaganza, and we look forward to presenting these latest film oddities for you in a return to the refurbished Volksbühne’s “Big Screen”.

Be there when the circus takes an erratic twist, old classics get a facelift and tender moments are punctuated by a tough veneer. And don’t be surprised when animals get involved, your associations are toyed with and the special effects begin to intoxicate you. Old faces and new will be on hand to guide the boisterous audience through the evening.

As always, the fate of these films is in the hands of the viewers. Equipped with multispectral glasses, squeaky balloons and hands made for clapping (or not), it is they who will decide which films make it to the final round and which ones are “ejected”, never to be seen again! In the end though, only one film can be crowned the winner; a film so off the beaten track that it stands apart from the rest in its wholesale absurdity (at least until next year).

And don’t miss out on the surrealism of the after-show rave in the Roter Salon with DJ H1 one.

Eject is presented with the friendly assistance of Ampelmann Berlin.


Leon Baumgartl, Alexander Stein, Monica Koshka-Stein


Audience Award for the weirdest & most wonderful film

€ 1000 von Ampelmann Link

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