interfilm Festival

GC - German Competition

4 programs

GC 1 - Fierce & Fiery

GC 2 - Foul & Fearful

GC 3 - Daring & Dirty

GC 4 - The Wild 30 (Out of competition)


About the Competition

This year’s GERMAN COMPETITION once again demonstrates just how thrilling and entertaining short films can be when just how much heart has gone into every single frame is so very apparent. Many of these films tackle social problems, with some taking a gritty head-on approach while others are wonderfully over-the-top in their sheer insolence.

Thankfully none are out to preach, but are instead aimed at taking the audience along for the ride. Ranging from creative animation of all kinds to live action, character drama and incisive situation description, all of the shorts in these programs grab and hold the audience from the first shot to the final credits.

interfilm brings the movie theater to the boiling point with films that will have spectators sweating on the edge of their seats. From an Israeli military prisoner transport to a grueling dance audition, the characters in this program all have to stay cool under pressure.

The films in FOUL & FEARFUL come right at you without mincing words. The big city at night feels as cold-hearted as its introverted characters, while elsewhere the co-dependency of two figures bends their dramatic situation to the breaking point.

Moral boundaries are repeatedly pushed and frequently crossed in DARING & DIRTY, where daily situations mutate into nerve-wracking ordeals or major dramas ultimately reveal themselves to be false alarms – much like the madness of daily life, really.

THE WILD 30 (Out of Competition) brings you three films exceeding the time limits of the conventional “short film”, but they’re so compelling we just had to show them to you.

These four lovingly curated short film programs present the very best of what the German film scene has to offer


Alexander Stein, Patrick Thülig, Sarah Dombrink



1st Prize

1.000 Euro von Luzia

2nd Prize

Rental technic worth 2.500 Euro by 25p *MEDIA GROUP