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Green Film Competition

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ECO 1 - Earth Adventures

ECO 2 - Planet Future

And online:

Green Film Online Award

About the Competition

The earth is on the brink of ecological collapse - it’s high time for scrutiny and action. Since 2015, the international competition GREEN FILM AWARD has been keeping up with the state of nature and the environment, using cinematically powerful works to inspire political and personal responsibility. 

In animation, documentary, live-action drama, comedy and tragedy, the causes and effects of exploitation, profit and greed are put in the spotlight. The grotesque situation of environmental pollution, destruction of primeval forests and species extinction calls for cinematically intense approaches. And while they caution and jolt us, the films remain gripping and entertaining to the last.

The Heinrich Böll Foundation and fritz kola are prize sponsors of the competition. interfilm is a member of the Green Film Network (GFN). The international network of annually-held film festivals with an environmental focus, fortifies the exchange among the participating festivals and promotes the GREEN FILM AWARD worldwide. It currently counts more than 30 film festivals as members.


About ECO 1 - Earth Adventures:
EARTH ADVENTURES is a kind of cinematic global life cycle assessment. We find the landscape shared by wind farms and traditional farmers rethinking their production methods. Light pollution meets shining lights of progress, and we trace the lasting effects of Chernobyl along with the daily routine of organic slaughterhouses. The pictures and stories reveal our cozy images of “nature” as romantic fantasies, and we’re drawn back to the cold sobriety of the facts as they are. Thankfully, the hard truth is joined by hard-to-resist wit here in the Green Film Award’s report on the status quo, and how to change it.

About ECO 2 - Planet Future:
While the Swiss build skyscrapers in the mountains and South African factories increasingly encroach on the lives of nearby residents, one man in India busies himself planting new forests. PLANET FUTURE gives a philosophical account of Earth’s future based on the current state of the animal and plant world. With plenty of adventure and even a look at the prospect of fleeing our planet for some new home, we witness how everything from grand gestures to tiny steps make up the great stories inherent to our little blue world.



Matthias Groll, Heinz Hermanns

Audience Award


Best environmental film

1.500 € by Heinrich Böll Foundation

Online Award

1.000 € by fritz kola

The Green Film Network

interfilm is so far the only German and only short film festival member of GFN:

The Green Film Network (GFN) brings together some of the major film festivals that happen annually around the globe with focus on environmental issues.