interfilm Festival

IC - International Competition

 8 programmes

IC 1 - Animated 1 - The Mind's Eye

IC 2 - Animated 2 - Creative Contrast

IC 3 - Family Games

IC 4 - Wild Desires

IC 5 - Tough Luck

IC 6 - Different Worlds

IC 7 - Close Encounters

IC 8 - On The Run


About the Competition

The International Competition is the INTERFILM FESTIVAL’S centerpiece, and this year as always it features a multifaceted selection of short films from Germany and around the world. Of the 6,000 total entries we received from 120 countries, 71 films from 39 nations will compete for the four prizes up for grabs here. The selection is aimed at reflecting the global diversity of the content and styles in today’s world of independent short film production.

In its EIGHT COMPETITIVE PROGRAMS, two of which are always dedicated to animated films, the International Competition presents the widest imaginable variety of aesthetic styles and narrative techniques of the last two years. Humor, earnestness, empathy and absurdity all come into play in telling these stories of day-to-day life’s misfortunes and fuck-ups, its sometimes extraordinary encounters, love, sex, family and surreal worlds. The International Competition films also do not shy away from controversial, relevant topics such as gentrification and religious persecution.

The 45 animated and 28 film shorts assembled here will captivate you, transporting audiences on a moving and entertaining voyage around the world we know and others beyond our terrestrial reach. Along with this year’s broad range of European films the INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION also holds a selection of productions in store from Nepal, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, the USA, China, Argentina and Peru.


Heinz Hermanns, Andrea Schwemmer


Berlin-Brandenburg Award
Best Film

6.000 € from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg

Best Fiction

2.000 € from SAE Institute Berlin

Best Animation

1.000 € from Spindler & Klatt

Best Cinematography

Postproduction worth 5.000 € from ARRI