interfilm Festival

Sound & Vision - The Audiovisual Sound Experience Live

Volksbühne Sat 25 Nov 2017 - 9pm

What happens when you combine some of Berlin’s most exciting musicians with some of the 33rd interfilm Festival’s most interesting short films? Sound & Vision! One of the city’s biggest “Big Screens” provides the backdrop again this year for this unique meeting of live music and film pres- entation. Soundtracks composed especially for the evening are performed by acclaimed musicians to accompany a selection of all kinds of the very latest short films, with guaranteed goose bumps!

Entry fee: 10,- € / Buy tickets at Volksbühne (click on link)

Curator: Christoph Schulz

Live Acts / Films

KLANGSCHNEIDER 4 Berlin / PENELOPE Estonia, Finland • 2016 • 4:08 min • Animation DIR, PROD, ANIMATION Heta Jäälinoja

An unexpected doorbell ring triggers a cleaning frenzy accompanied by instruments and sounds from the archive of our Sound&Vision veterans.

MIMIK BANKA Beijing, China / A LOVE STORY England • 2016 • 7:04 min • Animation DIR, ANIMATION Anushka Naanayakkara PROD Khaled Gad EDITOR Joseph Comar

We join the odyssey of two balls of wool that have fallen madly in love but lost one another in the tangle of threads, reinterpreted and present- ed by the Chinese independent rock band Mimik Banka.

JOE MASI München / OVERRUN France • 2017 • 7:42 min • Animation DIR Pierre Ropars, Antonin Derory, Diane Thirault, Jeremie Cottard, Matthieu Druaud, Adrien Zumbihl

Daunting images of an apocalyptic world seen from the perspective of an ant open up whole new worlds altogether when they are underscored by the sounds of Munich-based theater musician and composer Joe Masi.

EVA TEPPE FEAT. HEINZ HERMANNS Berlin / Peacock China • 2016 • 3:50 min • Animation DIR Wenqian Gao 

Video artist/composer Eva Teppe and our festival director Heinz Hermanns will draw a colorful soundpiece to this visionary Chinese animation.

OCTOPUZZLE Berlin / AENIGMA Greece • 2016 • 10:00 min • Animation DIR Antonis Doussias, Aris Fa- touros PROD Michael Sarantinos EDITOR Antonis Doussias

Surreal landscapes and divine figures distinguish this animat- ed short, joined by the swing jazz sounds of this Berlin sextet for the perfect finishing touch.

JOSIP DUVNJAK & MARA VON FRANQUE Berlin / SUNNÄMILCH Switzerland • 2016 • 6:47 min • Animation DIR, ANIMATION Silvan Zweifel PROD Jürgen Haas

A separated head exiled on a deserted island desperately tries to rejoin its body, while the four hands at the piano provide the ideal soundtrack.

CHRISTOPHER ZITTERBART Berlin / SOMERSAULT PIKE Australia • 2016 • 6:30 min • Experimental DIR, EDITOR Kate Lefoe PROD Honeylyn Lesson

Berlin's Christopher Zitterbart brings his electric guitar mastery and a wide range of effect pedals to help a competitive female diver master the ten-meter tower.

RAUSCHFELD & VOGELER Berlin / DIX PUISSANCE MOINS QUARANTE TROIS SECONDES France • 2016 • 12:00 min • Live Action, Experimental DIR, EDITOR Francis PROD Emmanuel-Alain Raynal

This film addresses aging, eternity and time itself, all of which become less imposing when accompanied by the synth and ambient sounds of Rauschfeld & Vogeler.

KLANGSCHNEIDER 4 Berlin / BIG BAG England • 2016 • 2:00 min • Animation DIR, PROD, ANIMATION Daniel Greaves SOUND Tom Martin EDITOR Jon Dunleavy 

Carrying a full backpack can be a heavy burden, unless Klangschnei- der4 provides the right sounds to lighten your load.

KATALOG Berlin / NACHTSTÜCK Germany • 2016 • 5:19 min • Animation DIR, PROD, EDITOR Anne Breymann

The nocturnal creatures of the forest come together for a nightly game of dice. The inherent, creep- ing dread of this spectacle is accentuated perfectly here by the ambient and synth sounds of Katalog..

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