interfilm Festival

Focus On Ex-Yugoslavia

4 programs


EXY 01 - Men, Machines & Mess-Ups

EXY 02 - Neighbours & Aliens

EXY 03 -  War Diaries

EXY 04 - Young Calamities


About the Focus:

Since the end of the Balkan War more than twenty years ago, the multinational state was conclusively divided into seven countries. Not only are these states still closely linked through history, but also – with the exception of Kosovo – through an effectively common language and culture.

The four programs of the Focus On Former Yugoslavia present a striking collection of live-action drama, animation and documentary shorts from each of the countries of former Yugoslavia: Bringing to light the many facets of life, from the experience of war to that of normality; the search for identity between tradition and innovation as well as the rivalry between the countries and the similarities that still prevail due to their shared history – an aspect that is also reflected in the cinematic language.

Thanks to the kind support of Film Center Serbia and the Croatian Audiovisual Center.

Men can love many things. Some love tractors, others a GPS voice and still others are happy with a simple hearty soup. The mostly male heroes in this film are true to the things they love and always prepared to make the best of the situation—MEN, MACHINES AND MESS UPS.

A beggar, a frustrated young boy, the local vegetable vendor you can count on: Folks in the neighborhood look after each other…and at times that can get weird - NEIGHBOURS AND ALIENS.

The Yugoslav Wars ended only 25 years ago, so memories of the conflict are still very fresh. WAR DIARIES shows us the many different ways people deal with this tragic past.

First love, loser parents and a party that ends in tragedy. Being young is not always fun, fun, fun, as the heroes in this film are forced to learn - YOUNG CALAMITIES.


Ingrid Beerbaum, Alex Stein, Heinz Hermanns

Cooperations & curatorial assistant:

Nele Luise Fritzsche


Sarah Hoffmann