interfilm Festival

Focus On USA

4 programs

USA 1 - USAnimated

USA 2 - Make It or Break It

USA 3 - Traveling the Country: Stories from the Road

USA 4 - The Good Crazy: Stories from the Edge


About the focus:

interfilm´s first focus in its 33-year history on US short film production couldn’t come at a more appropriate time. The relationship between America and Germany seems to have fundamentally changed with the new US government and its president. Our focus attempts to take stock of the situation, far removed from the daily media chatter. With the films in these four programs we hope to tell stories about America and its people that will bring us closer together once again.

The US FOCUS comprises four programs featuring 35 films with a total running time of almost six hours. USANIMATED presents the best US animated shorts of recent years, revealing the diversity of one of the world’s most important filmmaking nations.

It shows us that animated film history is also being made in the USA outside the walls of Pixar, Dreamworks and Hollywood. MAKE IT OR BREAK IT illuminates the idea of the American Dream in the land of unlimited opportunity from all sides, often with a knowing wink.

TRAVELING THE COUNTRY takes us on a journey across America in a kind of road movie. In the film NEW NEIGHBORS we meet a black mother joined by her sons in introducing themselves to their new neighbors, in a determined and equally practical attempt to protect her family. Racial conflict and gun culture gone mad are front and center in this program.

THE GOOD CRAZY brings us people searching for identity, orientation and belonging. In the film of the same name THE GOOD CRAZY, the cynical but passionate young Rosa does her best to navigate the difficulties of growing up. This simple, natural comedy shows us a side of sun-ripened Los Angeles removed from the glamour of Hollywood.


USA 01 & USA 02: Heinz Hermanns

USA 03 & USA 04: Cord Dueppe, Tim Lindemann with thanks to Mike Plante (Sundance Film Festival), Ben Thompson (Tribeca Film Festival) and Hebe Tabachnik (Seattle and Palm Springs Film Festivals) for their assistance