Feed Your Head

Feed Your Head

Bernhard Strobel // Germany // 2024 // 19:55 min

Live Action // Coming of Age, Drama

Language: German // Subtitles: English

Torn between the desire to protect his little brother in a violent world and the longing for the utopia of a queer community, HECTOR (23) embarks on a journey between reality and fantasy to reflect on his own experience of violence and to find closeness to his brother again.


#LGBTQI+   #Trauma   #Gender   #Violence   #Youth  

Cast & Crew:

Director: Bernhard Strobel
Writer: Nicole Rüthers, Bernhard Strobel
Cinematography: Leon Hörtrich
Editor: Maximilian Färber
Music: The Breed
Mix: John Rösch
Sound: Armin Biemel, Max Schieder
Production Design: Tobias Bachem

Lorenz Hochhuth as Hector
Kalle Kneusels as Matteo
Meik van Severen as Vince

Festivals & Awards:

World Premiere: Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis 2024

Bio Regie

Bernhard Strobel

Bernhard Strobel (1996) is a writer, producer and director, and has been studying at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg since 2019. Previously, he worked as a cameraman, director and editor in advertising for Hubert Burda Media, where he also trained as a media designer for film. Since graduating, he has produced short films, documentaries and spec spots that have premiered at [...]

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