interfilm Festival Distribution
Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does festival distribution and strategy mean?
    For a successful film career for your short film, it is crucial to plan carefully where it will have its premiere and on which film festivals it should be strategically showcased to garner maximum attention. A successful festival career for a short film not only implies attention but, ideally, also additional funding opportunities for future projects. This can also open doors for co-productions and provide further networking opportunities, both on a national and international level.

  • What exactly is your job?
    Typically, festival submissions have been made by producers or directors. We take this task off your hands and plan a festival strategy for your film. This means we discuss with you which festivals are best suited for your film and where we will submit it. We create profiles on submission platforms (Filmfreeway, Shortfilmdepot, etc.) and submit the film to the film festivals. Additionally, we handle communication with the festivals, attend them, and promote your film. Therefore, you also benefit from our network.

  • Which short films do you include in your line-up for festival distribution?
    Currently, we exclusively include German short film productions and co-productions in our lineup. Our focus is on films that have received funding from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture & the Media (BKM). Additionally, non-funded films can also avail our services for a fee if they are selected.

  • What BKM funding do we need to qualify for the "free" festival distribution?
    The film must have received production funding (from 2023 onwards).

  • How can I use this service?
    Films can still be in post-production, and it's preferable if the film has not been submitted independently yet. You are welcome to inform us in advance if you intend to use the service and provide an estimate of when you expect your film to be completed. This allows us to better plan our capacities.
    If you are interested in using this service for your short film, please send us:

    • a password-protected screening link (does not need to be a final cut/edit),
    • information about the film: Synopsis (short, max. 250 characters/long, max. 800 characters), duration in minutes, production year, production country/countries, credits,
    • information about the filmmakers: Name of the production company (if applicable), names of the filmmakers, and contact details.
  • Is this service free, or do I have to pay for it?
    The service is free for short films that have received BKM production funding from 2023 onwards. However, all other German (co-)productions need to pay for the service.

  • How does it all work?
    In the first step, we sit down with you and discuss your goals for the film (and for your future as filmmakers). Based on that, we plan the best possible strategy. Afterward, we upload the materials on the submission platforms and then submit the film to selected film festivals (according to the agreed-upon strategy).

  • How long do you support the film?
    We offer a festival distribution of max. two years.

  • Can I also have a say in where my film is shown?
    Yes. We are happy to be in communication with you, and you can always review our festival strategy for your film. You will receive a link for that.

  • Do you also submit for awards?
    No. For special awards, such as the First Steps Award or the Short Tiger, you need to submit on your own.

  • Do you also handle screenings outside of competitions?
    No. For festival participations outside of competitions or other screenings – especially those involving screening fees — we will forward you the details, and you will need to negotiate those yourself (in this case, 100% of the screening fees will go to you).

  • What happens if my film wins an award at a festival?
    All festival prizes and prize money go 100% to the filmmakers.

  • Will I receive a contract if I want to use the service or if my film is included in your lineup?
    Yes. After the initial discussion, we will send you a festival distribution contract.

  • What materials do I need to provide if you include my film in festival distribution?
    You will receive a detailed information list outlining the necessary materials if your film is included in our line-up or if you wish to use this service.

  • Can my film be rejected from the service despite BKM funding?
    Yes. We have an exclusion clause: As a publicly funded project, the interfilm Berlin Festival Distribution is obligated to adhere to the Basic Law (GG) and the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG). Therefore, we reserve the right to deny our service to films in justified cases. Interfilm Berlin Festival Distribution does not accept representations of sexism, racism, colorism, homo-, bi-, inter-, and transphobia, or hostility, antisemitism, Islamophobia, fascism, age discrimination, ableism, and other intersectional forms of discrimination in the films it represents, as long as these allow for an inference of discriminatory statements and/or attitudes by the creators. In doubtful cases, an external opinion from an anti-discrimination expert on the production side may be obtained.